S.I.M.S Part 9


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ To..To...What?” I was moving so close to her with the knife in my hand...

“ Happiness, listen.... my intention was not for her to die...We just wanted her out of his life...!” Mum said

“ Die?, We?... What are you talking about?” By this time my voice was so loud and I was weeping uncontrollably to the point I was beginning to have hiccups...

“ You see, it was Julie’s fault, she encouraged me ..” Mum said

“ Julie? Aunty Julie?” That was Mum mentioning my favorite aunt’s name, Mum nodded in the affirmative

“ The day you came back from church and you were lamenting about your Pastor Maggie’s Dress sense, you remember Julie was here?” She asked

“ Yes, I met you both here, so what happened?”

“ After you went in, she said....


“ That woman’s dressing is really pathetic you know, and Happy is right, if she were to be in that woman’s shoe, I trust my niece, she would be making a statement with her dressing!” Aunt Julie had said

“You are right, but if wishes were horses, I would be the richest” Mum had said

“ Wishes?, Do you also like the idea?” Aunt Julie had asked

“ Of course, anytime I go with her to her church and I see that young man ministering, I would always wish my daughter was his wife, that way I would have been the happiest... You know Happy needs a man who will be Spiritual and be able to stand by her because of her bipolar and psychosis. She needs a man who is wealthy who can buy her pills, but the unfortunate Julius she is carrying about doesn’t even possess any of the qualities I just mentioned, so Yes, I have also wished for it, but it is only a mere wish” Mum had said and she said she had intended to close the matter by going to check the food she was cooking, but Aunt Julie had pulled her back...

“ Mimi, Mimi, what kind of a mother are you?” Aunt Julie had asked

“ I am a good mother who wants the best for her only child”

“ So why don’t you clear the obstacle and create space for your child”

“ Clear which obstacle....?”

“ The Pastor’s wife”

“ What? Clear ? as in kill her?...Julie!”

“ No who is talking about murder here, we need her to walk out of the marriage herself”

“ How?”

“ There are several ways, but the one that comes to mind now is using the Queen Vashti method...”

“ Queen Vashti Method?, What’s That?”

“We don’t kill her, but we project the Spirit of Error and Mistake in to her, that will make her do the wrong thing. Which she will do openly and the world will see it. That way when the Apostle divorces her or sends her packing and marries your daughter, no one will blame him or your daughter...”


“ Mimi, it is Biblical ooo, Vashti committed an Error and she was replaced...”

“ Julie... You and the way you twist the Bible to suit your situation”


“ So, I took to her advise since it didn’t have anything to do with bloodshed...She told me to get one of Pastor Maggie’s picture and begin to speak the spirit of Error and mistake into her... So I was doing that every morning for two months on one of the church fliers that had her picture... It was a shock to me when I suddenly heard she committed suicide... I am sorry Happiness, I didn’t know she will commit the error of killing her self, we thought it was the affair she started having with that man that will lead to Apostle divorcing her....I did this for you” Mum said as she started crying in regret

My legs gave way as I fell to the ground, my hands lost its ability to hold , as the knife fell from my hand...

My mother killed Pastor Maggie!

I felt the room was turning and the last thing I remembered was crying as I remembered Pastor Maggie’s face...

And I passed out....

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde 

God bless you...

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