The Scientist's God Part 10


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“With the Mass release of the Virus, it will cause Worldwide Unrest. The media will promote rapid increase in death cases creating fear in people.
While Fred will instigate Brian( the president of the first country in the world) to shut down their nation. Automatically, other nations will follow suit. “ Ruth said

“ Shut down their nations? How will that curtail the Spread of the Virus? How does that help in depopulating the world’s Number...” the first king asked

“It is a thread of events; it’s from one point to the other...By shutting people in their homes,We keep people from gathering with Loved ones, which can cause depression, which in turn leads to suicide, also we keep people from their Religious centers...” Ruth said before Agnos the Religion representative spoke up...

“ When people don’t worship the Supreme being, which mostly happens in religious centers, evil beings get the opportunity to gain entrance into the lives of people. We should also note that churches and other religious centers serve as a place for religious leaders to encourage and enlighten their members. They input faith into them, that can keep them alive, should they even have the Virus.

Therefore, As we disconnect people from their Spiritual centers, we reduce their Spiritual Energy and make them go spiritually shallow at home. Like we know Spirituality gives Life, so as they are drained Spiritually, they lose life.

I will encourage personal worship during this period which unfortunately most people do not have the discipline to do... When a man or a woman does not have where he or she gets Spiritual Strength from, and stays at home alone, in no time, he or she will lose it...” Agnos said

“ Ok, you are trying to Isolate people from other people?” Said the second king...

“ And make the media their source of entertainment & information. Which will Help us infused our agendas into their Souls.” The media representative said

“ When people stay at home, the economy cripples gradually. Hunger and Starvation begins to kill more people than the Virus... That way, the earth’s population will reduce...” The Economy representative said

“ In Essense, if we understand you correctly... the Virus is the trigger, but other factors like Fear, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Lack of Spiritual Fire, Hunger, Depression, Media brainwashing will all together reduce the earth’s population...?” The 2nd King of the Pyramid asked

“ Yes...!”

“ Fine... Looks like a good plan.” The 3rd King said....

“ But What about the people who know the history behind the Virus, have they been initiated into the Pyramid to Keep them quiet.?” The First king asked

“ We have no plans of keeping them alive, the couple and their children are dead. I have sent the hitmen against them and the report I was given was that they have all been wiped out. We only have the Professor alive and that is only for a short time, Once we get enough Antivirus from him, we are through with him. He will be exposed as the one who started the Virus. We will set him up and get him terminated ?” Ruth replied

“ What If he exposes you?...”

“ He won’t be given be the opportunity, we will get someone to assassinate him under the guise that the person was overtaken by rage for his wickedness.... The Professor has no Family, so no one will probe his death...” Ruth said brilliantly as always...

“ Start the execution!”

“ Thank you Sir!”

Massai jumped up from under the tree where he laid that sunny afternoon on Bribia Island. It was the fourth day after he started his fast. He woke up from seeing all about the Pyramid’s plan.

“ I knew it.... I knew this was a conspiracy against God....Wendy will not believe me if I tell her...” Massai said to himself...

“ But I need to let people know, this Virus is not the main thing... I need to let them know, the other forces are what they should be more afraid of...”

Massai always had his small notepad with him, he typed all that he saw and was about to hit the send button, but he heard a loud inner Voice stop him...
Massai heard the Voice say to him...

“ There is still more.....”

Xavier was standing by the shore, he saw how happy people were, he missed his family members... He was so angry other people were happy while he wasn’t.... He was angry he was a Victim of the Islingbee Virus.
He made up his mind to do evil.... He jogged for 15 minutes, and the moment he knew he was all sweaty, He walked towards the pool side and jumped into it.

He wanted his sweat in the water....

On getting out of the water, he spotted Sharon, the Nigerian girl who came with a group . For the three days he had been on the Island he had noticed she was friendly with a lot of people. His plan was to infect her with the Islingbee Virus and in turn she would infect others....She interacted well with almost everyone on the Island.

Xavier didn’t want to die alone.... He was angry at Life and wanted everyone’s life to be taken from everyone like he felt his Life was going to be taken...

To be continued....

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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