The Scientist's God Part 20


©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

“ The Spread of the Islingbee Virus is being fueled by the demonic Kingdom. It is true that the Late Professor Glass and Senator Anthony created something they never knew would destroy the world, but it’s gone past them. I had a revelation Which the Lord showed me .

The demonic kingdom which the Pyramid Occult group is a part of them held a meeting to hijack this opportunity. Also the witches and wizards have decided to use this to their advantage. Therefore, this is not a fight from God as a lot of people suggest. If God decides to show his anger to mankind, no one would stand it... Don’t let the devil make you see God as the enemy at this time. He is the strong house we can run to at this time. Let the world return to Him as a people and ask for Mercy that He will heal Our land.” Massai said in a video he intended to share on all social media platforms.

As he ended the video, he prayed over it with the intention of sending it.

“ What just happened?” Massai said as the video suddenly disappeared from his video Gallery.

Seun stood by the window of her suite. She saw her husband Smart walking towards their small apartment on the Island. She remembered how much they had loved each other in the past. She had secretly wished and prayed in her heart that the trip to Bribia Island would renew that love, but for weeks he had not touched her. Sometimes, she wished he could just plant a kiss on her lips. His soft pink lips that attracted her to him years back had been doing the opposite of what she had imagined it would do. Smart used his mouth to insult her rather than kiss her...

Smart walked in and Seun noticed he was walking towards her.

“ Where is Rejoice?” Smart asked

“ She went to see Folabi” Seun said moving back in fear, because the only time he ever came close to her was when he wanted to beat her up...

“ What?... What did I do?” Seun asked defensively

Smart said nothing but closed up on her... Seun knew she had to shout for help or else Smart would beat her blue black...

“ I will scream...l”’Seun threatened but Smart didn’t recede one bit and before Seun could fully Understand what was happening, Smart had landed a deep kiss on her lips...

Seun melted like strawberry ice cream under the scorching hot sun in Africa.

Three years longing was finally satisfied... Just a kiss was all she had always prayed for in the past 3 years but for 35 minutes Smart made up for the three years of loneliness.

Massai was not going to give up. He wanted people to hear the true message. He redid the video and sent it out. This time around The video scaled through.

Folabi sat under a tree confused as to why Ella was the one with the Islingbee Virus. He could say categorically that Ella was the righteous girl of the office. Unlike Sharon who was always throwing herself on men. He had been seeing her with the Xavier guy ever since the Shutdown. Ella was the lady who prayed during office meetings, From what he heard from her female colleagues, Ella was the game spoiler for the playboys at the office. She was always reminding the girls that these men were married man.

“ Why of all people would Ella be the victim of this virus?” Folabi said out loud

“ My thought exactly!” Rejoice said and Folabi jumped as he did not realize Rejoice was around him...

“I have decided to let God have His Way!” Rejoice said

“ What do you mean?”

“ If Heaven is half as beautiful as what My mother describes it to be and from what I read in a novel titled “ LIFE IN VENE-AH KINGDOM”

“ Who wrote that?”

“ Opeyemi Akintunde “

“ Ok?”

“ It is a novel about a girl named Cassy who went on a tour to heaven, so if half of what was described is how Heaven looks like, and knowing who my mother is, I think she will better off in heaven than here on earth in pain either on the hospital bed or back with my father..,”

“ Sh... Shhh...,” Folabi said though he was stunned at the complexity of the girl’s wisdom.

“ It’s fine... I know I will miss my mother, but if God wants her... Let Him have her ....” Rejoice said and

That broke him....

Folabi’s eyes gave tears a free flow...

This was what broke him away from God... What Rejoice is going through is what made him lose his trust in God and seeing Rejoice handle this differently broke him....

To be continued...

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

Photo credit: Shutter stock

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