The Scientist's God Part 39


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
The face of the one who sat on the throne glowed, happiness could be felt from Him...
“Have you seen my creation? For once my people are praising me with all of their heart. No excuse of their jobs disturbing them, No night clubs are opened...Take a look at my people in Nigeria, They have declared a 7 days praise to me...”
A very large transparent screen showed people praising God in their different homes as they connected online...
“Have you seen them in that Subdivision?” The Most High Said about another nation...
The Screen revealed people in a very big park praising God from the comfort of their cars.
“I see them in that Subdivision also praising Me” Said the MOST HIGH.
THE MOST HIGH Said amazing things about a lot of countries that took it upon themselves to praise Him...
“ Then to the individuals who praised me personally, I am impressed....” THE MOST HIGH SAID SMILING...
Juliana, Naito and Angie were praising God in the comfort of their house. Other individuals were shown on the transparent Screen...
“And to the people on Bribia Island, they started the praise campaign for me... I am pleased with them and for that reason.....”
When Ruth got to the pilot’s cabin, she found the man dead...
She knew nothing about operating an Airship... She saw a button “ Change Destination”
She tapped on it and all the countries on the map were not familiar ones. She tapped on the nearest country...
Her eyes were beginning to blur out, but she was determined to get back home...
30 minutes later, Ruth saw a small house in the middle of a forest. She saw “ Decline button” and “Open Pilot’s Escape door”. She tapped on the two and as soon as she saw the Airship declined she jumped out of the Airship and with a loud voice she screamed.
“ Help “
Roberto and Alveno heard the Scream. They turned and saw the massive Airship...
“Jesus! What is that?” Roberto screamed
To be continued...
ANNOUNCEMENT: We thank God for the story “ THE SCIENTIST’S GOD” that has been prophetic in nature... we are at the point presently where people are beginning to act like Sharon in the story( that is, insulting God Online). It is time we responded by doing the right thing like Ella and those on Bribia Island. Join us in the 30 days of NAME PRAISING GOD. We gather everyday online at 3pm on the author’s official page @Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde-Official
Let’s make God Happy despite having those who are bent on displeasing Him and because of us, We believe He will have Mercy. It doesn’t take God anything to wipe the earth and raise another generation for himself but MERCY birthed out of praises can speak for us... God bless you.. Remember to invite your friends...
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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