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It was Sunmibare’s wedding, Sunmibare was getting married to the President’s son. When Oba was Vice president, Sunmibare was a regular visitor to the Office of the President. It was on one of these occasions that the son of the Presiding President saw her with Oba’s son. It was attraction at first sight.
They had exchanged numbers, and from that day, a great friendship developed. Sunmibare was a very smart girl, who was already a surgeon. The young man fell in love with her and in no time, he and Sunmibare became friends.
In two years, both families had approved of their marriage.
Sunmibare’s wedding was attended by the “ Who and Who” of the society, she got wedding gifts that would last her a lifetime; gifts of cars, houses and money.
Sunkanmi was present to officially hand her over to her husband. Micheal had insisted he did the honours. He jokingly said...
“ I was only a caretaker, I know I will get my reward for that in Heaven. Pastor Sunkanmi is her Father..” Michael had said
Sheryl was the official musician of the Day, though she was one of the bridal train.
When it was time for the father and daughter dance, Sunkanmi could not control his emotions, as he kept crying…
“ God thank you for still bringing out beauty from my ashes, thank you for turning my mess to blessing. Thank you for loving me when I was unlovable. Thank you father”. He said in his heart as he danced with his daughter…
Ola watched Sunmibare and Sunkanmi as they danced together, Michael held her hand comforting her, but she smiled at Micheal telling him, She was fine.
Silently, in her heart, she spoke to her father…
“Thank you for making me smile, thank you for making Sunmibare push me towards Greatness. Sunmibare; the product of my being raped that was meant to bring me shame has brought me honor, God has used her to make me sit with dignitaries.
Thank you, Father, for everything. Now, I know that you know and see everything, you have the end of a matter in your hands, so no matter what we go through, we should never try to play God, rather lay low letting you have your way. Thank you for beautifying my farmland despite my several hurts.”.
A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR ( Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde) AS INSPIRED BY GOD…..
Dear friend, the Word of God clearly states that “For we are God's co-workers. You are God's FARMLAND and God's building.”1 Corinthians 3:9 International Standard version, therefore, see your life as God’s farmland, meaning everything you plant on it must be what God approves of. You cannot plant trash on it, you cannot put rottenness on it. You must also know that your life (God’s farmland) does not belong to you, you need to nurture it carefully. The Tools of your farmland (gifts, talents, money, wealth, power, position, fame,) were given to you by God, you therefore must use His tools for His glory…
Therefore, have you been planting the wrong crops on your farm, has your farmland been hijacked by the devil, or have you been using your tools wrongly, it is time to get down on your knees before God and ask for Mercy.
Speak to Him, He is your father, and mend your ways.
I pray for you that ´My Father’s Farmland´ which is your life and my life will yield good crops that will grow as mighty trees that will be firmly and deeply rooted for God’s glory in Jesus name.
God bless you.
• Oh lord, Let me be firmly and deeply rooted in you in Jesus name
• My Farmland that has been hijacked by the Devil, Oh Lord recover it back by your Mercy in Jesus Name.
• The tools that you have given me, the money, the talents, the position that has been hijacked by the devil, I recover it today in the name of Jesus Christ
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Totally Inspired by REVELATION from the MOST HIGH
Written by OPEYEMI AKINTUNDE (née Ojerinde)
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