Hotel Palava - Episode 12


Henry's POV

I walked out of the board room with a big smile on my face. I felt like I just did the right thing. Emmy came after me.
"Henry!" She called out, "I don't understand, wasn't I supposed to be the assistant manager? She asked and I turned to her with a faint smile.
"I'm sorry about the misunderstanding."
"Misunderstanding? What happened in there was an embarrassment. How can I be a secretary?"
"I'm sorry, but you can choose to let go of the position
. A lot of persons would want it."
"I'll let Jummy know! You can't do this to me Henry" she cried and I rolled my eyes. She was getting on my nerves already.
"I believe that should be Mr. Henry" I snapped leaving her in shock.
Five minutes later I was in the office trying to avoid calls from Mom and Jummy. Then I heard a subtle knock on the door..
"Come in" i answered and Mrs. Haruna walked in.
"Ah, Mrs. Haruna. Just the person I wanted to see"
"Sir I would love to talk to you about my appointment as the assistant manager." "Okay?"
"Sir, I think there's a big mistake here, it doesn't add up"
"You've been with the hotel for seven years Ma, you know practically how to run this hotel" "I told you already; I haven't been doing it alone, I've had help from others"
"That's exactly why I chose you as my assistant. You're sefless and mature
. Emmy on the other hand would be a disaster"
"I got the news quite well Sir, you were going to hire the other lady, Miss Ella or Emmy, or whatever they call her"
"Yes... But I had someone change my mind. Ma you don't have to feel bad. I don't regret making this decision. Congratulations Mrs. Haruna, you earned it"
Adesuwa's POV
"Manager don make Mrs Haruna the assistant manager oh" Michelle announced and I raised my brow in surprise. I didn't think he would take my advise in the first place.
"Are you sure of what you're saying?"
"I'm positive"
A smile crept through my cheek. I had to find Mrs. Haruna and congratulate her in my own crazy way. I also had seeing the manager in mind.
I didn't know why but I felt the urge to show my appreciation to him.
On my way to his office, I overheard a lady talking to Mrs. Haruna. Her tone was somewhat rude. "Who are you sef?" She snapped, "I mean look at how old you are, look at me, I'm agile and beautiful. Yet Henry chose to give you the position and not me. You must be a witch, you must have used your witchcraft on him"
"That's enough!" I yelled from behind and I saw her turn back at me.
It was the lady the other day with Mr. Henry's girlfriend. She seemed shocked to see me. Perhaps she was shocked to see me talk.
" can talk?" She asked and I rolled my eyes.
"Wait till I let Henry know what a pathetic liar you are"
"Okay" I moved closer to her.
"Unlike Mrs. Haruna, I don't take shit from anyone and I won't take one from you"
"Adesuwa" Mrs. Haruna warned.
"Let me talk to this thing"
"You just called me a thing"
"I called you a thing, you deserve to be called worse. Mrs. Haruna here is not your mate, this woman is quite older than you"
"So what? I don't want to listen to rubbish. Don't you have like a toilet to scrub?" She snapped and I charged close to her and she moved back.
"Were you going to hit me"
"I wouldn't dare, I don't want blood on my hands. With your bleached skin you won't even survive a punch" I snapped.
"You didn't get the position, boohoo, suck it up and let it go. Don't try to insult Mrs. Haruna here. If there's anyone who deserves being the assistant, it's her and not you"
"I wasn't talking to you, go your own way! Mind your business!"
"I can't, you know why? Cause you just messed with Mrs. Haruna, you mess with her, you mess with me" I warned and she moved back again.
"I'll have Henry fire you" she yelled running off and I laughed. Mrs. Haruna gave me a serious look.
"Would it kill you to stay out of trouble?"
"She was speaking rudely to you"
"Did you see me give her any response?"
"I didn't but she deserved it."
"She's the best friend of the manager's girlfriend" "I know" I answered.
"I have a feeling things are going to be different here from now on. It's best to ignore people like her" she paused then she busted into laughter and I wondered why.
"Did you see the way she left? She was so scared" she added and I joined in the laughter.
"Congrats Ma" I chipped in and she smiled.
"Thanks to you" she answered and I wondered why she said that. "I know you spoke to Mr. Henry, even though he didn't say anything. He didn't need to. You spoke to him shebi?"
"I have no idea what you're saying"
"I see, now you're going to form as if you don't know what I'm talking about" she added and I laughed.
"You deserve it. So now that your salary level will increase. How much would you add to our salary?" I asked and she raised her brow at me.
I expected that reaction.
"Do you want to get fired?" She asked walking away and I laughed following her. "Let's talk about the salary increase nah" I insisted.
Henry's POV
Emmy barged into me writing on a book. She had that angry look in her eyes. "She can talk!" She announced and I wondered what she was ranting about.
Then I resumed writing.
"The employee you were with the other day, she can talk, she was just faking it" she paused and I took off my gazed off the book.
"I know"
"Did you know all the while"
"I didn't"
"Then she must have faked it.. why haven't you fired her?" She asked and I shrugged. "I don't want to"
"Well you have to cause she insulted me. This girl called me names" "I'm sorry I can't fired her"
"So you won't fire her"
"Emmy, as you can see, I was really busy before you came in so....If you don't mind leaving, I would like to get back to my work" I snapped and she pouted her lips as though she would cry in any moment.
"Jummy will hear of this!" She added storming off.
Deji walked in almost immediately with that frustrated look plastered on his face. "Wetin do Emmy?"
"She found out about Adesuwa and she wants me to fire her" "I already insisted you did"
"Please don't bring up the topic again" "Whatever!" Deji took his seat opposite me.
"What's it with that ugly face?" "Is it not Dad? You won't believe what the old Man said" "What?"
"That man wants to frustrate me. He's seriously insisting that I leave my job and that I go back to Ekiti state to run his company"
"You knew this day would come"
"I don't want to go to Ekiti, period!"
"Who dey follow you argue?" I asked in pidgin and he laughed. "I know how much you love to support the old man"
"So...what are you going to do?"
"I'll keep on avoiding the old man's call." "That's cruel, just tell him the truth"
"Yeah... Like it was easy to tell your mom you don't want to date Jumoke" he answered sarcastically and I squeezed a paper throwing it at him and he dodged it.
"Idiot" I laughed.
"Can we exchange dads?" He asked and I laughed harder.
"Sorry, I have a mom that gives me headache, I don't want your dad to add to it" I answered and he laughed.
"How far the assistant? Did you choose Emmy?" He asked, that was his third time asking me that day, physically and on WhatsApp.
"No I didn't" I paused, then I gazed suspiciously at him.
"What's it with you and Emmy? I'm suspecting you both" "Nothing serious, it was never serious" he answered now fiddling with his phone.
"I never knew there was anything"
"Because it was never serious. It wasn't anything perse, i wanted sex and she wanted it too so...." He paused with a smirk.
"I promise you it wasn't serious.
. Emmy is not someone I would like to start up something with"
"Have you ever started up something in your life?" I asked and he laughed. "Does sex count?" He asked and I shook my head.
Suddenly I saw him blush.
"What's that?" I asked and he hissed.
"Amebo, which one be your own sef?" He snapped and I squeezed another paper throwing it at him. "Who's the unfortunate girl?" I asked and he raised a brow at me.
"What makes her unfortunate?"
"Meeting a player like you" I answered. "I don't understand,"
"Deji, since I've known you, you've never been involved in a real or promising relationship"
"I'm trying to gain experience. Who knows, the vacancy I may have future encounter with might tell me, ten years experience needed." He answered giving that naughty smile and I squeezed another paper.
"What?" He laughed.
"I pity that unfortunate woman that would be your wife"
"Why are you talking about wives? I'm not getting married anytime soon"
"So who's the babe you're playing?" "I'm not playing her. She's a friend" "Or a conquest"
"Maybe very soon but she's cool though. I mean very cool. She has the sweetest smile and the whitest set of teeth. She's like model for close up advert."
"But it all ends the same way for you with sex..." I answered and he paused then he chuckled softly.
"We have movie plans tonight"
"Are you trying to make her fall in love with you?" I snapped and he rolled his eyes. "Oga which one be your own for the matter? Are you her brother?"
"Well... I just feel sorry for her soon to be broken heart"

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