Hotel Palava - Episode 13


Adesuwa's POV

I knocked on Mr. Henry's door then I walked in. Someone was in with him. "Wait, you seriously haven't fired her still" the guy said and I wondered who he was and why he was being rude.
"Deji" Mr. Henry called out in a warning tone and the guy scoffed.
"I think you should just fire her once and for all. This babe go be bad news oh"
"Deji" he added and the guy left the office.
"Ignore him, he's my best friend" he answered as though I had made inquiries.
"He knows about you and the lies..." He added then he cleared his throat.
"Good afternoon Sir" I greeted and he gestured that I sit but I didn't want to.
"I'm fine where I am"
"Seriously? Sit before you'll start putting thoughts in that mind of yours that rich folks are egocentric and they don't offer people seats"
I scoffed at his remark.
"Was that why you accepted me back and you took my idea because you were trying to prove a point that rich folks are nice"
"No!" He exclaimed then he quietly looked at me.
"Your mind is twisted" he answered closing his laptop.
"I took your idea because it was a great one
. You were right about Mrs
. Haruna. I was just too preoccupied to notice that"
"I came here to thank you for giving me back my job and for Mr. Haruna. I promise that you won't regret it"
"And?...." He asked and I wondered what the 'and' was for.
"I want you to promise me that there'll be no one troubles with you" "I can't promise that"
"Please, I need to make this hotel work and if I'm trying to deal with too many problems" "Of which I'm one" I chipped in and he shook his head.
"That's not" his phone rang and he looked at the caller ID.
"You've made your point Sir. I promise not to give you any headache or be a problem to you. Good day Sir" I added leaving the office in anger.
I had tears in my eyes.
Lillian's POV
I couldn't contain my joy when Adesuwa came back. A lot of us couldn't. People like Mummy B were angry about it.
Deji made plans with me to go on a movie date. He didn't really say it was a date, but I guessed that it was.
There was this opening movie by Omoni Oboli that just got out a month ago in cinemas and I imposed my choice on him to actually watch it.
He wasn't a a lover of Nigerian movies. I still wonder why most guys hate Nigerian movies. The old ghosts crossing the street, persons being shot in the head and afterwards being bandaged on the chest era has changed. There are actually good movies now.
It was a romantic comedy so there was a lot of laughter from my end. Deji spent half of the movie watching me.
"Eyes on the movie" I said to him and he laughed then moved his lips close my ears.
"You're a better movie" he whispered and I laughed. "I really won't mind watching a full series of you." He added and I laughed. I was blushing like an idiot.
I was trying to withhold myself from falling in love with him but gradually I was sinking in. The way my heart literally flutter when I see him, it's indescribable!
He had a lot of incoming calls he ignored and I wondered if he was avoiding something.
During the kiss scene in the movie, I felt a hand over mine. Then he squeezed it softly letting out a sigh, as though something was bothering him.
After the movie, we went over to a nearby park where we sat over two cups of ice cream. I listened him complain about the movie.
"That movie was perfect" I argued.
"Girls and romance!" He complained and I laughed.
"If it's not a science fiction or a thriller I'm not watching." He added and I shook my head.
"Girls and telemundo ehn!"
"It makes us believe and have hope that not all guys are jerks"
"Ah I see... You speak like a potential guy hater" "I don't hate guys... I've met a lot of dicks" I explained and he gave me a serious look.
"That many dicks?" He asked and I immediately knew what he was insinuating. "I meant dickheads!" I corrected and he nodded again giving me that naughty look.
"Geez Deji! I meant assholes" I paused then I slapped my face at my poor choice of words. Deji immediately busted into laughter.
"Don't pay attention to me, I was just teasing you" he added and I laughed scooping a spoon of ice cream in my mouth.
"I've met a lot of guys, I've had just two in my life. Two assholes, I tend to meet bad guys. I'm a sucker for bad boys"
"They always toy with my feelings. It's like there are no good guys again" "That's a lie, there are...." He paused in thought. "There are good guys"
"Are you one?" I asked and he laughed.
"I don't brag about it" he answered and I laughed. Suddenly i heard him sigh again. He was interrupted by another call again.
"Are you sure you don't want to pick it up?" I asked and he shook his head. "I don't" he answered and there was a brief silence.
"It's my parents" he answered. "I can't give them what they want. You all this parents wahala nah"
"I understand" i answered.
"My dad is authoritative and annoying. I've always been waiting for the man to die" he added and I widened my eyes in shock. "Don't say such rubbish. Losing your parent is the worst thing ever!"
"Losing dad won't be such a bad idea" he added then laughed. "It's not funny" I added.
"No matter how bad they are, they're our parents. We owe them that respect. Someday you're going to have kids, how would you feel if your child says awful things like this."
"At least I won't be an ass of a father" he added and I shook my head.
"Gosh you're stubborn!" I snapped and he laughed.
"Thanks for being out here with me" he answered and I smiled. "I would have been home getting frustrated." He added and I bit my lower lip.
"You're welcome" I chipped in and I scooped another spoon of ice cream. "Aren't you going to take yours?" I nodded towards his ice cream then I dipped the spoon into my mouth.
"I was having ideas"
"What kind?" I asked and he moved his face closer to mine.
"I was wondering how it will taste in your mouth" he answered and I raised my brow in shock.
Before I could say anymore, his lips were over mine. In my mind I pushed him and requested to know why he kissed me but in reality, I was kissing him back with passion.
I didn't even care if someone was looking at us, he was an amazing kisser and the punchline before the kiss had me going.
I pulled back after I heard someone clear throat. I turned to see a lady with a child about ten years old.
"You two should get a room, there are kids here too" she snapped and I apologized and she left.
"Why are you apologizing again?" He asked and I laughed. "I didn't see this coming" I answered chuckling. "I've been dreaming of it since the say I met you" he answered and j raised my nose in disbelief.
"I mean it" he added bitting his lip. "I still want to kiss you"
"No way" I pulled back.
"The ice cream tasted great by the way"
"You haven't even taken anything" "It tastes great from your mouth. I would really love to take it all in your mouth" he added and my heart skipped a beat.
"I should be going home" I looked at my wrist watch, it was past ten already. I won't get home in an hour with the traffic.
"Ill drop you off"
"Thanks" I said to him after he dropped me at my nearest bus stop. "Let me drop you off at your house"
"You probably won't make it back with your phone and car by the time you come out so I'll advise you to go back."
"It's a jungle in there" I answered and he laughed.
I had a pressing question in mind and I didn't know how to ask. "Are we....what are we now? Are we..."
"Dating?" He asked and I nodded and he pulled me close kissing me again on the lips. "What do you think?" He asked and we kissed once more.
"Good night" I said then I walked out of the car smiling uncontrollably. "Would it be safe for you?" He yelled and I laughed.
"I'm worried" he added then I pointed to the three line up of motor bikes.
"I'll take the bike"
When I got home, my elder sister gave me a suspicious look. Her six years old son was still watching cartoon in the sitting room.
"Is your husband back?" I asked and she nodded. Her eyes still lingered on me. I saw Bright jump on me, he took he off balance. "Jesus Bright! I told you not to don't that again" I warned and he laughed.
"Aunty where did you go to?"
"I was out with a friend"
"Friend or boyfriend? See your lipstick e has removed" he added and I faked a smile.
"Go and sleep Bright" Felicia ordered, "Mommy" he whined and I saw my sister gave him the popular glare and he fled.
"I ate oily food" I said loud enough for him to hear. Then I scratched my hair.
Sister Felicia's eyes were still on me.
"What?" I asked, "I don't know, you're glowing"
"Is that a bad thing?"
"I didn't say it's a bad thing, so who's the guy?" She asked and I smiled. "He's ...." I paused, "Do I know him?"
"Okay... Are you having sex with him?"
"I'm not"
"Just have safe sex" "Are you seriously going to dish that on me"
"I don't want you to be a single mom. With the rate people are getting pregnant anyhow ehn, sometimes I wonder if the cost of condoms is worth more than the stress they would have to go through"
"I'm not having sex with him"
"You're not a virgin either so I would propose you carry your condoms around or use the pills"
"Sister I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me. I'm not getting pregnant anytime soon"
Adesuwa's POV
The day turned sour after I left the office. I was really bothered about what Mr. Henry said. I started to think about what he said.
Fine! It's my first time hearing someone say it, but hearing someone who barely knows me say it, it made me feel hurt.
While I walked through the hall, holding a guest's dress, I bumped into Mr. Henry. "Good day Sir" I said coldly then I walked past him.
"Adesuwa!" He called and I turned back at him, "Sir" I answered.
"We're you really angry about what I said in the office"
"Why would I be angry at my own boss?"
"I didn't"
"I'm sorry Sir, can I be of help to you in anyway? I have a service to deliver and i won't want to be of problem to anyone" I snapped emphasizing on the problem and he shook his head.
"You're a grudge bearer aren't you" "I don't understand what you're saying" I feigned and he sighed.
"You're free to go"
"Thank you Sir" I added then went about my business for the day.
I wasn't happy that day, I think everyone noticed; even Mummy B.
On my way home, I withdrew some money. I wanted to get a phone for myself. I wasn't aiming to get a good phone, I wanted something to use in making calls.
I needed to retrieve my sims too. I was too tired so I decided to go home and rest.
The next morning I woke up early, I didn't want to go to work late so I made early preparations.
Before leaving, I realized I couldn't find my ATM card, it wasn't in my purse so I poured out everything in my bag in search of it.
Then i saw Ivie walk in, I noticed she didn't spend the night here.
"Good morning Ade" she said and I turned to her. "What are you looking for?"
"Is it not this stupid ATM card" "It's always in your purse nah"
"Your village people have started following me" I answered and she laughed. "When do you use it"
"Just yesterday" I answered letting out a loud hiss.
I finally found it in a jotter.
"Thank God" I sighed, then I remembered about Chidi's health. I started packing those things I poured out into my bag
"How's Chidi?"
"He's at the hospital"
"Since when?" I stopped, "Since his blood pressure rose." She replied and I opened my mouth in shock. "Which hospital? I would really like to see him"
"Seriously?" She smiled.
"It's St. Micheal general hospital. He would really like that" "I'm not going there to make him feel better" "Please don't go. If you're not going to make him feel better, it's better you don't go"
"Ivie" I paused.
"Please" she begged and I rolled my eyes. "I'm on my way to work. I can't afford to go late" "It's rather too early"
"I just don't like it when people think I'm irresponsible." "You've never cared about what people think about you Adesuwa" she said giving me that shocked look.
"Do you think I'm irresponsible? Am i a trouble maker"
"Adesuwa, most times people misunderstand you. Like the way people judge you and I from our parents mistakes. You're the best cousin in the world and I wouldn't have asked for another" she paused then hugged me.
"Even though you're annoying at times" she added and I tapped her on her arm and she pulled back.
"Bye" she added and I left the house.
I boarded a bus from our junction. Minutes after, I notice the bus stopped and a passenger walked in. It was no other than my ex-fiance, Odion.
I wasn't on good terms with him. Whenever I see him I feel even more hurt about what he did to me. There was a vacant seat close to mine, "Don't you dare" I mouthed and he sat there anyway.
"Good morning Adesuwa" he said and my heart skipped.
That moment when you meet an ex you still like. Odion has always been handsome, we both had dimples. While we were dating, we would always talk about having kids with dimples.
He was all any girl would ever wish for. He had a good job, he lived in a decent house and he was ready to start a family.
"I told you not to seat here"
"I did it Intentionally" he answered and I scoffed. What guts! "Driver I would come down oh" I yelled and the driver pulled over.
"She's just kidding, she won't come down yet" Odion yelled and the driver hissed.
"Una don smoke this morning ni?" He asked and Odion apologized.
. "Don't act childish Adesuwa, let's talk this out once and for all."
"You know where I live"
"You don't even let me in"
"For the millionth time, I don't want to talk about anything"
"We met this morning by fate. Just hear me out please I'm begging you to please hear me out" "Sister him they be nah, abeg hear wetin him get to talk na" a lady in the bus added and I shut my eyes trying to control my tears.
"I'm sorry for what I did. Adesuwa I'm not deserving of your love but I need a second chance with you. You're the only one I love and I want to start that family with you. The ones with dimples" he added with a smile and I scoffed blinking my tears in.
"Let me in once again" he added and I turned my face to the other side away from his face.
"I'm not interested Odion, just let me be" I snapped. "I'll stop here" he added and then driver pulled up, then he jumped out of the bus.
"I'll pay for the lady behind" I heard him say and I scoffed.
"Pay for who? Odion, I'm begging you in the name of God, take your money back"
"Is it by force? Abeg Passengers, is it by force for him to pay for me, I said I don't want!"
"Oga no be by force oh, collect your change go!" A passenger yelled. After the transaction, the driver drove off. One by one, persons got down from the bus and I was left alone.
"I go stop here" I signalled to the man opening my bag to remove my purse. To my shock, my purse wasn't there. Have I been robbed? I asked myself then I remembered that I must have left it on table when I was looking for my ATM card.
I looked at the driver, who was already stretching his hands at me. "Madam give me money"

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