Hotel Palava - Episode 14



Adesuwa's POV

"Oya madam pay oh" he added and I looked into my bag once more. "I don forget my purse"
Just when I needed someone to bail me out, there was no one! I started to regret not accepting Odion's offer. "I.. Driver, I think I've forgotten my money"
"You say what?" He yelled and I looked into my bag again. "I've forgotten my purse at home"
"It's as if you want me to mad for you today
. That is how you guys always do. You will be pretending that you forgot your money. Omoge (young girl) give me my money if you no wants see craze this morning"
Henry's POV
I walked into my hotel room after a hectic day at work. Jummy was inside, she was seated on the bed. She had that angry look on her face.
"How many of my calls have you missed?"
"I lost count after the fourth" I answered and she scoffed.
"Cause I knew what you were calling me for" "Why didn't you choose Emmy?" "I made a decision"
"You embarrassed my bestie" she stood up walking towards me.
"I did what was right for the hotel. Emmy was never the right choice" "Who is? That old woman?"
"Jummy I already made my choice can we just let it go?" "I heard about the maid you had lunch with the other day"
"Wow...she really did let you into everything that happened today" I unknotted my tie.
"So you're not going to fire her for lying"
"It was only a misunderstanding" "Wait..
. A worker lied to you and you don't want to fire her, why? Is she special?"
"She's not special" I paused, I was trying to denote if she was displaying jealousy or mere anger.
"As a boss, you have to let some things go" "Not lies, the girl deserves to leave. I'll let your mom know" she held her phone out and I collected it from her.
"Jummy please"
"She needs to go"
"I can't fired her. You don't understand what's going on" "Who is she really?"
"An employee that I'm willing to help out. She needs the job" I held her cheek and she shook her head. "It's wrong to lie to your Boss"
"And she regrets it too... Can we not talk about this? Let's talk about something else" I requested kissing her on the lips then I wrapped my arms around her waist.
The only way to distract her that moment was with sex.
Emmy came into my office the next day with Jummy. I didn't want to start a Tuesday with nagging!
She asked that I made her the staff director, Mrs. Haruna's previous position.
"I'd rather you make me the staff director than a stupid secretary"
"The position has been amended to staff supervisor, with the position of the manager and assistant filled up.
"Deal! I'll take it" she answered and I nodded.
Mummy B knocked and walked into my office. "Good morning Manager" she greeted and I nodded. I wonder what complains she had this time.
"Good morning fine women oh" she added and Jummy smiled. She has always been a sucker for compliments.
"Good morning" she answered and she turned her gaze at me.
"Oga, Adesuwa has not shown up oh"
Emmy whispered something into Jummy's ear. "Sir it's past eight already"
"Sir, I want your permission to fire her"
"Not yet"
"If she comes late to work Henry, just fire her!" Jummy pointed out and I shut my eyes, it finally made sense what Jummy was whispering her.
"I'll deal with this myself"
"I said I'll deal with it. Miss Salami, you can take your leave now. You all should leave" I demanded and they all left.
I made a call directly to the receptionist to make sure Adesuwa comes to see me immediately she arrives.
She walked in a while later raising her index finger up as though trying to explain something to me. "You're extremely late"
"I'm sorry"
"I should have you fired you know" I snapped and I heard her scoff. "Without even seeking to find out my side of the story"
"Remember our deal"
"It wasn't my fault okay?"
"Whose fault was it then?" I asked, "You probably woke up late" "Sir, I woke up very early, I did all I had to do. I didn't want to be a problem to you" she answered and I almost rolled my eyes.
Gosh! Grudges! Will she ever let it go?
"Check the time Adesuwa, it's almost forty minutes past eight" "I was delayed by the bus driver because I couldn't pay my fare"
"I forgot my purse at home" she answered shutting her eyes. "I couldn't pay my way down and I couldn't beg either so I had to walk down here from the bustop"
"You could have put a call through to someone"
"I don't have a phone"
I raised my brow in shock. "Since it was stolen?" I asked and she nodded then I saw her bow her head, she looked ashamed. I didn't mean to make her feel bad.
"I made some withdrawal yesterday, I'll get a small phone tomorrow." She answered and I sank into deep thoughts.
"I'm sorry for coming late and I'll totally understand if you fire me. I'm sorry for being a problem to you" she apologized and I sighed.
"I'm sorry about what I said yesterday. I didn't mean it the way you took it" "It's okay Sir, I'm used to it." she replied.
"Do I still keep my job or..."
"Sure, just don't repeat it again" I warned and she nodded. Finally she gave me a smile.
"How was your night?" I asked, I didn't even know why I did. "It was fine Sir and yours?"
"It was splendid, thanks for asking." I answered with a smile and she nodded. "I better take my leave" she added leaving the office.
Jummy's POV
I walked out of Henry's office then I turned over to Miss Salami who was already walking away. "Miss Salami" I called out and she walked up to me.
Emmy gave me that look, she wanted to know what I was up to. I didn't like the idea of my Henry being in support of that girl. Ever since I met her, there has been something off about her look.
My spirit doesn't go well with her. She looks more like a threat.
"Madam, how you?" She asked and I faked a smile.
"I'm fine, do you know who I am?" I asked and she nodded.
"You're Mr. Henry's girlfriend"
"Good so, I heard you talking about that girl you want to fired." "Adesuwa" she added and I nodded.
"I suppose that's her name"
"Yes. That's the witch's name." She answered then she paused. "I don't like her" she added, "I don't like her too"
"She don cross you too?"
"My spirit doesn't go well with her"
"E just be like say we get twin spirit. I dey know better person when I see one" she answered and I smirked.
"Madam, let me just tell you the truth, I'm saying this because I feel like you're a good person. See as you fine" she complimented and I smiled.
"That girl ehn, na every manager she dey always eye, whether them dey married or not" "I don't understand"
"That girl na world class asewo, e no get any manager wey she never sleep with. Now that she's close to Mr. Henry, I'll advise you watch out well" she said and I tightened my fist In anger.
I was literally boiling though I tried to contain it all while forcing a smile.
"We have the same enemy, Emmy my best friend is going to be the new supervisor"
"I thought it was secretary"
"It's been changed" Emmy answered quickly.
"We have the same enemy Miss Salami"
"Please call me Mummy B"
"Let's work together to pull this Adesuwa down, are you in?"
Adesuwa's POV
Another opportunity arose to get me fired but as usual, I overcame. I feared he was going to get me fired this time but he didn't.
I sighed after leaving his office.
Later in the day, Lilian and I walked through the Hall's discussing about a customer who was screaming at a lady for something we didn't get a grasp on.
"Why is he always shouting at every girl he brings in?" Lilian asked and I shrugged.
"Because he's an animal, people like that should be put in chains" I answered. Then I saw Mr. Henry coming.
"Good afternoon Sir" Lilian and I greeted and he nodded.
"Would you two like to have lunch with me?"
"No" we both chorused.
"I brought food from home" Lilian answered, "I intend to eat with her" I answered sharply.
"Why do I feel like you're both trying to reject my offer?"
"No Sir" Lilian answered looking at me. "Ade go now" she pushed me and gakree at her.
"Are you okay?" I whispered, "Just try go now, I'm feeling guilty already"
"Why you sef no go?"
"The food wey I bring come go waste and I no even too carry the rice reach you sef"
"You're selfish" I snapped and we heard him clear his throat.
"I'm here and I can hear all you're saying" he answered.
"Sorry Sir" Lilian apologized "Adesuwa has volunteered to have lunch with you."
"Bye Sir" she added zooming off.
"If I catch ehn!" I yelled and then I turned towards Mr. Henry.
"It's okay if you don't want to have lunch with me"
"It's not exactly that" I hesitated, "What is it then?"
"First i don't want another girlfriend drama" I answered and he laughed. "You won't have that. So what's the second one"
"I don't want to subject myself to the poison they cook in the kitchen"
"Others call it food" I added and he chuckled.
"Can you do better?" He asked and I laughed shaking my head.
"I won't boast about being a good cook, but I cook better than May hotel chefs" "It's not bad"
"Sir, with all due respect, you don't even know what good tastes like, you've spent a lot of time abroad. I've tasted good meals and I know just where to have the right one. Prove me wrong Sir, conduct an inferential research and tell me what you found out about the cooking. After that we can seat and talk about what to do to make it better" I added leaving him to his thoughts.
Henry's POV
I desisted from having lunch that day. She gave me an idea on how to improve efficiency and effective service delivery in the hotel.
Mrs. Haruna was shocked when she saw it my already prepared questionnaires.
"What's the essence of this" she asked, "You know how much I've always wanted to like be in the guest mind and just know what they think. Someone gave me an idea on what to do."
"Adesuwa?" She asked and I nodded.
"She's a brilliant lady"
I told you already, most of my ideas came from her. It's her field"
"What do you mean?" I asked and she smiled. "So I'm to send someone to disseminate the questionnaires to each room"
"You just avoided my question"
"Really?" She asked and I gazed at her expecting a response. "Adesuwa is a brilliant lady, always has been. She's a 1st class student of Business administration In Auchi polytechnic in Benin."
"Seriously?" I asked bewildered by the information.
"Are you being serious?"
"I never joke about anything Sir. I'm dead serious" "Why is she a maid when she can get a job elsewhere"
"Look around you Sir, the world isn't fair to everyone. We have graduates doing simple jobs for survival. The world gave us lemonades, we're just making lemons out if it. "
"Didn't she apply with her certificate?"
"She did... " She stalled, "She wasn't lucky enough" she answered.
"She accepted since the pay was better than her last"
"I'm shocked"
"Should I send it now or wait till tomorrow?" "Now, have whoever will be giving to the guest to be nice about it and should also let the guests know the hotel is doing it to improve their services"
"Yes sir" she answered leaving.
I was left to ponder on what I just heard. It started to make sense. The way she speaks, there's a big difference between how she speaks and how Miss Salami speaks; she speaks like a literate.
She doesn't look like a maid either. Suddenly I thought of the opened slot for a secretary. Maybe she could fill it, I thought to myself.
Adesuwa's POV
On my way home, I took a detour over to the hospital. I was directed to the room where Chidi was with several other patients.
There was a big smile on his face when he saw me coming.
"Adesuwa" he called out and I frowned.
"You don't look happy"
"I'm not"
"I've been having shitty days" I answered and he chuckled.
. "Same here" he answered and I scoffed. "How did it get to this level Chidi? High blood pressure because of a woman?" I asked and he bowed his head in shame.
"That better be shame Chidi. You should be ashamed of yourself"
"What did I ever do wrong to you Adesuwa?"
"Nothing! You haven't done anything wrong to me" I moved closer to him. "Why then do you hate me"
"I don't hate you, I just hate the fact you were so persistent" i complained brushing my hands through the weavon on my head.
"I don't deserve your love"
"Am I that ugly? Is that why you're not attracted to me?"
"You're not ugly, I'm not just worth the stress and headache. I can never love you" "Who will then? I like you because you're down to earth and you're not like other girls who are out for my money"
"I know of someone who likes you and she's not out for your money" I answered and he looked at me, "Who?"
"You're so blind! You don't realize it do you?"
"Ivie!" I answered and he still had that confused look all over his face. "Wait" he paused, he was starting to get a grasp on what I meant.
"Ivie likes me?" He asked and I nodded.
"Duh? She wouldn't do all this if she doesn't like you"
"I thought it was out of pity"
"Now you know it's not"
"Are you sure she's not dating?" "Ivie is as single as the letter 'i', she's not presently dating anyone. She wouldn't, not when she's in love with you"
"Are you serious?"
"If you ask me that question again, I swear to God I'll punch the high blood pressure out of you" I added and he laughed.
"I never thought of it that way. I didn't think..." He paused in thought, "Okay now it makes sense" he sighed in realization.
"It actually does makes more sense now" he added and then Ivie walked in with a food flask. "There's no rice at the restaurant so I was contemplating..." she paused looking at me.
"When did you get here?"
"A while ago" I answered then I cleared my throat looking at Chidi. "I was about leaving"
"Why? You two seemed to be talking before I walked in"
"I believe I've said the needful to him." I paused, "It all depends on him now" I continued and Ivie face molded perplexed.
"I'm lost"
"Bye Ivie" I chipped in leaving the both of them.
I thought of how Chidi would feel, and how he would try to cope with the shocking revelation. I wondered if he would be bold enough to manage the situation.

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