Hotel Palava - Episode 16


Everyone sees Deji Cyril Omojola as nothing but a womanizer. Well they're not wrong. I'm dangerous, but not as dangerous as ladies, okay some ladies.
The only good woman I've ever met in my life is my best friend, Seyi. Well I call her Shay most of the time.
I actually had a crush on her before she got married years ago.
Ladies are ticking time bombs waiting to explode. I've met a lot of shitty girls and just like every bad boy, I've sworn never to be attached.
I live for the s*x only.
I met Lilian at a shopping mall
. She had this amazing smile and astonishing white sets of teeth. I love any girl with good dentitions.
She seemed like one of those reserved types. I didn't intend playing her, I just wanted to have a casual discussion with her but the bad boy in me had it's way.
I didn't even realized I had gotten her number.
I thought of it severally to let it go and just let her be. I just couldn't so I called her up that night and every night after that.
Our first kiss had me feeling something I haven't felt in a while. Something I only felt with Shay. I just couldn't wait to have her in my arms.
For the first time, I was in a relationship even if I didn't really see it as one, I kind of wanted to have a feel of how it feels being in a relationship.
Shockingly I didn't want s*x with her
. I say that from a honest heart. Maybe I had itches there to have s*x with her, but I just didn't want it to be that way.
I was trying to control the bad boy in me.
On a Wednesday afternoon while I was working in my office, Shay stopped by, she wanted me to babysit Deji junior and Genesis after school hours till she got back at night. I declined and she flipped.
She wanted to know why I didn't want to, "Because I can't. Shay you know I'm bad with babies"
"Would you shut it!" She yelled, "Argh! When you grow up! Gosh, have been hearing this excuse since Junior's birth. How are you going to take care of your own child?" she paused and I opened my mouth slightly shocked then I turned over to her belly bump.
Must be the pregnancy hormones!
"Next time you give me that excuse, I sweat to God I'll punch your teeth out. It's time you grow up and live life, not all this you're doing."
"Don't Shay me! This is why we didn't work out. I didn't see myself getting anywhere with you. Look at where we started, Deji I'm expecting a third child you're still wasting your life"
"I'm not wasting my life" I argued and she laughed.
"What are you doing then"
"I'm currently dating"
"We all know you're nothing but a big joke. You're going to chicken out eventually." "It's okay oh, before you finish me, yes I'll babysit your children for you" I answered and she finally gave a smile.
"I'll write down a whole number of things to do. Thanks love" she kissed my forehead and my cheeks.
I called Lilian up and she volunteered to help me babysit the both of them. I picked five years old Junior and f
Three years old Genesis up at school then I took them home.
It was a disaster, these kids turned my home upside down. Lilian came to my rescue afterwards. She was dressed in a blue casual gown.
I was one point away from strangling the kids.
"You have a nice home" she commented and I smiled. "The kids have messed it up"
"You call this messed up?" She scoffed, then Junior came running after Genesis.
"Uncle!" She hugged me tight and I glared at Deji.
"She called me Mr. Toothless when he her teeth Is not even complete" he complained and I rolled my eyes. Junior turned his gaze towards Lilian. "Is she your girlfriend?" he asked and i laughed.
"What do these kids know about girlfriend sef" I complained and Lilian laughed.
"You'll be shocked" she answered.
"A girlfriend is someone you kiss" Junior made kiss sounds and I shook my head.
"Mommy and Daddy were girlfriend and boyfriend before they got married." He pointed out and Lilian laughed.
"He reminds me of my nephew" she answered then bent towards them.
"Hello dearies, my name is Aunty Lilian and I'll be helping your Godfather take care of you guys. What's your name?"
"Deji Junior"
"Genesis from the Bible" Genesis replied and I laughed. That reply never gets old.
Lilian was naturale with the kids. She played all sorts of game and she also managed to put them to sleep. She bounced tiredly on the couch I sat on letting out a loud sigh.
"I'm sorry for putting you through this" "It's okay" she answered and i moved my lips close to hers. "Thanks" I muttered then I leaned in for a kiss. I've been waiting to do that all night!
I slowly wrapped my hands around her waist deepening the kiss.
"Shouldn't their mom be here already?" She pulled away, this was followed by a knock on the door. I opened it and it was her.
"I'm sorry I ran a bit late, it's just that" she paused on seeing Lilian. "Good evening" Lilian greeted rising up from her seat and Shay responded.
"Did you hire a special babysitting agency to take care of my kids" She asked and I shook my head.
"That's Lilian, my girlfriend" I answered and Lilian waved at Shay. "I'll go get the kids" she said before leaving.
"Jesus Deji, that girl there looks innocent. Please don't hurt her" "Why are you always so negative about everything I do"
"This girl looks like a naive saint"
"And I'm the devil shea?" I snapped and she scoffed.
"Don't hurt her" she whispered then followed Lilian.
They both walked out with the kids, then Lilian walked back in smiling.
. My heart was already pounding, I was scared about what crazy comment Shay must have made about me.
"What did Shay say about me?" I asked and she laughed.
"She didn't say anything bad," she replied then she walked up to me biting her lips, "Were you scared she would say something awful?"
"Kinda" I answered chuckling.
"Like what?"
"Thanks for coming to my rescue" I answered trying to avoid the topic. "Like I said, it's okay" she replied and I pulled her close kissing her on the lip.
We lingered and kissed, and my fingers stroked her arm. She pulled back, "My sister would be worried about me, I have to give her a call" she said and I kissed her again.
Lillian's POV
As our lips met again, Deji put his hand around my waist and it slowly moved my gown up. Now his hands were on my bare thigh.
I shivered, and goose bumps rose on the surface of my skin. My nerves literally snapped. There was something in my head telling me to stop.
That tiny voice telling me, it's too early, but the flesh was a lot more willing.
My defenses were broken and we had s*x with him. I felt a bit guilty about it but there was just something different about s*x with Deji.
It felt right. I felt like he maybe he was the one for me.
I woke up in Deji's arms, he was smiling at me. Apparently he had been awake for a while. "Good morning" I muttered and he chuckled, "Good morning to you too" he answered kissing me on my lips.
"Last night was..." He stalled and I chuckled. "I had a great time" "I did too" I replied then I turned over to the time on the wall clock, it was past seven.
"Is that really the time?" I asked and he turned back.
"Jesus! I'm late" I jumped out of bed wrapping the bed sheet around my chest.
"You're late for work"
"Yes! My head of department would kill me!" I answered then I rushed into the bathroom.
Apparently, I left my phone in the sitting room, there were missed calls from Felicia and Adesuwa's new number.

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