Hotel Palava - Episode 17


Adesuwa's POV

Felicia called Ivie by past eleven and she gave me her phone. She wanted to know the whereabouts of Lilian. I didn't want her to get worried, so I told her Lilian was close to me.
"Is that why she cannot even pick my calls?"
"She's sleeping, she was having headaches before she slept" "Just tell her I called" Felicia added and I nodded.
"Sure I will" I answered then I tried calling her. She didn't pick up my calls
. I grew worried but eventually, I slept off.
I woke up earlier than anticipated. The bright light upon my face after Nepa brought their stupid light, woke me up. I haven't been able to sleep since then.
I pressed a printed short sleeve top i bought in a market for three hundred naira. With it pressed, you'll hardly know I bent down and selected it. I also ironed a high waist pant trousers. I haven't worn it in a while.
I thought of how the day would look like.
I wore my top and i tucked it into the trousers on black cover shoe. Then I accessorised it with a belly belt. I wasn't sure whether to make up or not but I did anyways.
The dress looked weird without make up. My aunt gazed at me in shock when I got out from the room
. "Where you dey go?"
"Which work? You don see new job?" She asked and I shook my head.
"No, I got promoted to be a secretary" "You colonbi your new manager?" She asked and I rolled my eyes.
I expected it anyways. I had prepared my mind for what employees at work would say concerning me.
"Think whatever you want aunty" I snapped walking out of the house.
The shock on people's faces when they saw me walk into the lobby. I felt ashamed. "Jesus!" Oge the receptionist shouted and I chuckled faintly.
"Babe you're looking good oh. Are you going out?" She asked and I shook my head. "Is Lilian around?"
"No but Oga don call to ask if you dey around"
"Thanks" I answered walking up the stairs where I saw Mrs. Haruna leaning on the metal bar on the stairs. "I guess congratulations are in order" she said and I laughed.
"How do I look?" I asked and she chuckled.
"From my old fashion opinion, you look really nice. " She commented then held my hands pulling me towards Mr. Henry's office.
"The shoe is damn tight"
"Did they force you to wear it?" She asked and then she pointed at a table already arranged in front of Mr. Henry's office.
"That's your office" she pointed and I smiled.
"What's my job description?"
"The same thing every secretary goes through. You're the channel between the outside world and the manager. You're the intermediary"
"I'm so nervous. So the only thing I'll do is just to sit here and smile"
"And look pretty till the manager needs you. Your first point of duty is to give him the remaining questionnaire I got" she answered passing a brown envelope to me and I nodded.
"Okay" I sighed.
"You'll be fine Adesuwa" she commented and I agreed.
"Unless something bad happens" I blurted out and she glared at me. "Out with the negative feelings and in with a new one. This is a big break for you, you can't afford to bring in your bad belief into this"
I nodded continuously. "Out with the old and in with the new" I muttered.
Mr. Henry showed up a while later in his shirt with his usual folded sleeves. "Good morning Sir" I stood up to greet him and he gazed at me for a while.
I noticed he gave a gentle nod. I didn't know what for. "Forgive the gaze, you look different"
"Is it a bad thing?" I asked, "Bad difference or a good one?" I added and he nodded once again.
"It's good. You look nice" he added, "Thanks" I replied and he walked into his office.
I totally forgot about the questionnaires! I stood up holding a brown file, i knocked on the door then I walked in.
"I totally forgot, Mrs. Haruna requested I give you this erm..." I raised the envelope.
"It's the remaining questionnaires" I added handing it to him.
"Thanks" he received it with a smile. "Is there anything you want?"
"Nothing for now. I called a technician to come fix the intercom and some things." "For me?"
"Yes, and other offices for better communication. The intercom is faulty"
"Are you okay Sir? You look a bit under the weather" I asked and he forced a chuckle now opening his laptop. "I'll be fine"
"Okay Sir, I'll be outside if you need me"
I walked out to my seat then I noticed Emmy walk towards me. "What are you doing here?" She asked and I rolled my eyes fiddling with my new phone.
"I asked you a question"
"And I don't feel like answering your question" I snapped and she scoffed. "What are you doing here"
"I'm the new secretary" "Lies"
"The manager is only a few steps away. Feel free to confirm" I answered and she walked in.
She walked away shortly after hissing loudly.
"Wetin be this girl own sef?" I asked, I thought of Lilian and Mitchel. I wanted to see them but I couldn't for the time being.
Henry came out shortly after. "Can we check out the Iya Bilikis Kitchen?" He asked and I wondered, what was the rush for?
"Now?" I asked and he nodded.
"Is it too early? I need some air out of this hotel" he added.
We drove over to the street with his car. Then we got to Iya Bikilis kitchen. "Adesuwa na you be this?" A guy asked and I laughed then whispered into his ears to help me call Fatai.
Fatai was the owner of the restaurant.
He came out shortly with an apron tied around his waist. He had a blue top on a black jean trousers.
He smiled on seeing me and I walked up to him hugging him.
"I won't want to stain you" he answered.
"I heard you wanted to see me" he added and I nodded. "Not just me but my boss" I answered pointing at Mr. Henry. Then we walked up to him
"Fatai, meet my boss Mr. Henry Babalola, manager of May Hotel. Mr Henry, meet Fatai, the owner of the restaurant"
"I thought it was Iya Bilikis Kitchen" he answered and Fatai turned his gaze back at him. "He has a British accent" he concluded in Yoruba and I nodded.
"I grew up there" He answered back in Yoruba which left me in shock. "Yes I understand" he answered as though reading my mind.
"And I speak it fluently too" he added.
"Iya Bilikis is my mother, I named it after her." He answered
"Is she..." Mr. Henry stalled, she thought Iya Bilikis was dead.
"Fatai!" A woman with grey hair immediately walked towards us. "You didn't tell me you had visitors" she said in yoruba and Fatai laughed.
"Meet Iya Biliki" he said and Iya Biliki raised her brow in shock if seeing me. "Adesuwa, I almost didn't notice you were the one standing there." she said. Though she pronounced my name wrongly and I rolled my eyes.
"Mummy, it's Ade-su-wa" I emphasized and she raised her nose. "Is this your fiance?" She asked pointing to Mr. Henry and I opened my mouth in shock.
"Ah mummy!" I felt ashame.
"He's my boss" I answered and Mr Henry laughed.
"It's a pleasure to meet you both. I came so we could discuss business, I hope you have time"
"Business?" Fatai gave me a look and I nodded.
Mr. Henry and I munched on a plate of whatever Fatai placed in front of us. It tasted like fried yam garnished with a lot of ingredients.
It tasted great. Mr. Henry admitted to it.
"What's this called"
"Nostalgia. We all grew up with our mom frying yam and egg in the morning but lately no one wants to fry again because to them it's stressful. This cuisine is demanded by some customers. The yam tastes different shea? It's usually soaked in a mixture. It's my secret recipe"
"Where did you learn how to..." Mr. Henry asked and Fatai smiled.
"I grew up watching mom cook and I joined her. I loved it so I took a course to get better" he answered smiling.
"You should taste his moimoi" I tapped Mr. Henry, "They to die for" I added and then I realized I was tapping my Boss.
"I'm sorry Sir" I apologized.
"It's okay." He replied.
A car pulled up and some girls walked out, "My customers here" he added turning back.
"How much is our bill" Mr. Henry asked bringing out his wallet.
"It's for free"
"I refuse to..."
"Please don't pay, I decline" "Since you're declining, package me a plate of rice and salad with moimoi and big fish"
"Do you want me to add meat to it?" He asked and I smiled. "And egg"
"Ole! (Thief) Come and steal it now" he added and I laughed.
"Do you really want it?" Mr. Henry asked still with his wallet.
"I was just kidding" I answered, "Kidding shea?" Fatai asked and I glared at him.
"Thanks for a beautiful breakfast." Mr Henry finally added rising, "What about the business?" He asked and he gave Fatai a gentle smile.
"Another time" he answered and I rose too.
"It was nice to meet you Sir" they both shook their hands.
"Why didn't you tell him about the arrangement?" I asked Mr. Henry while he drove back to the hotel.
"Well... We won't want to scare him without a document. We have to present him with a documented agreement." He answered and it made sense.
"I guess people would still keep on munching on the poison prepared at the hotel kitchen" I answered and he laughed.
"Did you really want the food?" He asked and I wondered what made him think if it. "Did you?"
"I was just joking"
"For now, i want you to be free with me okay? Just talk to me like you would to anyone that isn't your boss"
Henry's POV
"Did you really want the food?" I asked and her face molded into a thoughtful one. She was probably wondering why I was thinking of it. "Did you?" I asked again.
"I was just joking"
"For now, i want you to be free with me okay? Just talk to me like you would to anyone that isn't your boss"
"Okay fine, i wanted it. I wanted to eat it badly but I had no cash in hand. Just my transport and" before she could say anything, I made a turn going back to Iya Bilikis Kitchen. "What are you doing?" She asked,
"Sir you don have to"
"I choose to" I answered.
"We have to head back to the office. People are going to start thinking of all sorts of things. They'll say Adesuwa has sold the manager oh" she said and I laughed.
"They'll think I've kidnapped you" "Why would they?"
"People don't waste time to think the worst of me, even you"
"I remember apologizing several times for what I said. I've never met anyone that keeps grudges like you" "I don't forget events that hurts me. It's not grudges"
"I believe the dictionary word for it is grudges"
"I can't forgive you if the wounds are still fresh" she answered looking out the window. She sounded hurt.
"I apologized for calling you a problem, I didn't mean it that way"
"It's not you" she shook her head.
"I have better people to channel my anger towards" she answered and I squinted my eyes trying to understand what she meant.
"That means they're people you're channeling your anger towards" I added and she turned towards me. "Sir, can we not talk about this"
"We're getting somewhere"
"There's nowhere we can get with this topic, it only opens my wounds. I really don't like talking about it"
"Perhaps your Ex-boyfriend did something wrong"
"Can we not talk about this?" She snapped loudly and I raised my hands in surrender.
"I'm sorry" she added, "I'm really really sorry Sir"
"It's okay. I think I went overboard, a boss shouldn't Intrude into a worker's private life. I'm sorry"
Lillian's POV
I got to work by 8:30, while rushing towards the maids quarter, I bumped into Mummy B. "Who will save you now?" She asked and I wondered why she said so.
"Go into the quarter and get your things. You've been fired."
"Let me explain myself"
"What do you want to explain"
"That I sent her on an errand" Mrs. Haruna answered from behind. "Mummy! En paro (You're lying)" she answered and Mrs Haruna glared at her.
"Ha han" she paused feeling insulted by what Mummy B just said.
"I said I sent her on an errand, you're telling me that I'm lying. When did that one start?" She asked, "Mummy B, you're my friend and I would hate to see this friendship go sour. Please try not to question my authority"
"Okay Ma" she answered leaving us alone.
"Thank you Ma" I sighed, "What's going on with you?" She asked, "I didn't expect this from you"
"I'm sorry Ma, I woke up late" I answered and she walked away. She looked really disappointed.
I sighed once again. I felt relieved.
Adesuwa was nowhere near sight, neither was she at the quarter. Suddenly I remembered she had agreed to take up the secretary job.
I later found out that Mr. Henry had gone out with Adesuwa.
. Rumours were flying around about how Adesuwa had made way into the manager's heart through s*x.
They didn't even know the real story.
Adesuwa walked in during the day. She looked great. I've only seen her look that good during dedications and marriages.
"Wow you look hot"
"Thanks, how hustle?" She asked and i shrugged. "We dey push" I answered.
"That reminds me, Felicia called last night, she wanted to know where you were. I told her you slept over at my place"
"Thank you" I blurted out hugging her.
"Don't thank me yet, where did you spend the night?"
"Remember I went to babysit Deji's nephew and niece" "I don't remember cause you clearly didn't tell me" she snapped and I remembered that I didn't.
I knew she wouldn't let me go.
"I'm sorry, it skipped my mind" I answered and she raised her nose in disbelief.
"Are you sure it skipped your mind or you didn't want me to stop you from going" "It was just for babysitting, I didn't intend spending the night there"
"Just tell me you didn't sleep with him" she asked and I looked at my fingers picking some dirt out of it.
"Jesus, Lilian!" She yelled.
"It just happened"
"You could have controlled it" "When we started kissing, I just lost all control. Babe I really like Deji"
"At least tell me you had the decency to use a condom?" She asked and I look at my nails again. "There are diseases out there Lilian"
"I wasn't thinking okay, but I think I'm safe" "You're on pills?"
"No. Please don't ask anymore questions. The deed is done already and I don't regret it. I really like Deji, he's a cool guy and last night was..."
"Abeg make I hear word. Just don't get pregnant" she chuckled.
"How has your day been as the new secretary"
"It started out great before something horrible happened" she answered and I wondered what happened.

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