Hotel Palava - Episode 22


Lilian's POV

Despite Felicia's advise that I take a malaria test before taking my drugs, i took a malaria drug I found at home. Felecia didn't open the pharmacy the next day, she was obviously worried about me.
I couldn't help it, whenever thoughts of Deji crossed my mind, I would cry tirelessly. Felicia walked into me crying that afternoon.
"Are you Okay?" She asked and I nodded. 
"The way you're crying is more than just malaria

. I'm your big sister Lilian, you should talk to me"
"I'm okay Felicia, it's the cold that's affecting me. I told you it's malaria" "I don't usually advise medication without test. If your self medication doesn't work, you'll have no idea buy to go for a test."
"Deal" I answered and she smiled.
"Bright is watching cartoons. I've been laughing, I know how much you love to watch with him whenever you're free. It could help you smile"
"You don't have to worry about me" "It's my responsibility Sis. That reminds me, I made chicken pepper soup and rice if you want" she announced leaving and I smiled. 
She had me there, I stood up weakly then I walked into Bright watching pj mask. It only reminded me of the first day Deji and I met. 
I wasn't ready to let it put me off lunch

. "This one that were eating chicken peppersoup because aunty Lilian Is sick, let her be sick everytime" He said I laughed.
He immediately turned his gaze at me. He didn't realize I was there. 
"I was just joking" he added and we all laughed.
I finally had something to laugh about.

Fatai's POV

I had a discussion with mom just before we closed the shop. I told her about the proposal and how my day went.
I wanted her opinion on whether to accept it or not.
She agreed to the idea. She told me she always knew I would go beyond just Rashidi Bello street. Afterwards she gave me her blessings. 
I gave Mr Henry a call to give him the good news. The next day I set off to the hotel where I signed the agreement.

Henry's POV

I had Chef Denise relieved of her position as the head chef but she chose to quit instead. She didn't see herself being under anyone. 
"You'll regret letting me go!" She threatened and Adesuwa laughed. "You this Asewo, what are you laughing at?" She snapped.
"No insults" I yelled and I watched Adesuwa chuckle.
"Sir no one cooks better than me" she yelled and Adesuwa laughed again. "Sorry Ma, but if you call what you do cooking, you haven't even started yet" she snapped and I shook my head at her.
"You're making things worse" I added looking at the Chef. "I'll give you your severance package."
"You'll call me back, I bet you will" she walked away and Adesuwa laughed out loud. This time she laid her head on the desk hitting the table continuously.
"I'm sorry Sir" she apologized pointing at her.
Then she closed her mouth still laughing. "I'm sorry, I'm trying not to laugh" she paused and I chuckled. Her laughter was infectious.
Fatai resumed work the next week, so did Lilian. The comments from guests were better. People trooped into the hotel specifically to see him.

The annoying turn out of the week was when Ibrahim visited me. It was on a Thursday. "Mehn your secretary is damn hot" he began the moment he walked in.
"Good afternoon to you too" I answered and he laughed.
"But seriously, is she single? Cause I obviously didn't see any ring in her hands"
"She's my secretary, why would I know whether she's single or not" "I'll really love to date her"
"Seriously Ibro?"
"What? She's hot. I fell in love with her voice the moment I heard it. Just seeing her, damn, it's love at first sight"
"And what would you call the one with your two wives"
"The first one was dad's choice, the second one was because she I got her pregnant. If I get married to this one, I'll just make her my real first wife and the rest my concubines"
"Seriously Ibrahim"
"I'm damn serious. She's really hot." He answered taking his seat and Adesuwa walked in.
"Is there anything you want Sir?" She asked and Ibrahim bit his lower lip. "No Adesuwa"
"Speak for yourself Henry. I want anything served by her, I'll have anything you can think of"
"Since you two don't need anything, I'll just go back" she answered "I need some..." Before he could finish, Adesuwa had left the office. It was intentional. 
I laughed.
"God look at those ass"
"What ass?"
"Don't tell me you haven't noticed those gorgeous ass" "Are we seriously talking about my secretary's ass here like it's a topic"
"That thing is a not just a topic, it's a headline. That ass can attract blessings. I'm moved to bless that girl's life"
"Did you notice the shape? Look at those hour Glass shape and that complexion. She's like a model from a beauty shop. This girl is pretty" he commented and I hissed within. I was beginning to get irritated.
"You obviously didn't come to discuss about my secretary did you?" 
"I didn't. I came to see you. It's been a while you know? Since I misplaced your number home and abroad. I've tried to reach you. There were times I met Tosin but you know her now, she refused giving me your number as though i want to borrow money from you"
"Everyone knows you're a clown. How are your wives and kids?" I asked and he laughed.
"They're fine, Haleefat is still barren, Shereefat on the other hand is very much pregnant. We're planning to drop the third. Adesuwa would drop the fourth"
"Do you think she would be fertile enough?"
"Can we not talk about this?"
"What?" He asked, "Abi you sef join..." He stalled and I scoffed a bit insulted. I knew what he was implying.
"She's my secretary"
"When has that ever stopped anyone?"
"Are you okay?"
"I'm serious Henry, when has that ever stopped the flesh. Body no be firewood"
"I'm with Jummy"
"But you like her"
"Don't say rubbish Ibro, Adesuwa is just a secretary and an adviser" i answered and he laughed. "I'm serious" i added. 
"She's sometimes acts as a friend too, she's a friend when you need one to talk to, she's multi-talented" I paused in thought and he laughed again.
"So you were saying...?" He asked and I laughed shaking my head. "I don't like her"
"So I can have my way if luck shines on me"
"Why are you asking me as though you need some sort of permission." "I'm respecting the bro code"
"As long as you tell her the truth and you don't hurt her. You're free to do as you wish"
"Are you sure?" He asked and I hissed.
"Let's have lunch" I suggested and Ibrahim agreed. While we were leaving he suggested that Adesuwa joined in.

During lunch Ibrahim stole all of Adesuwa's attention. I didn't know why I felt bothered by it. "What do you think about a date tonight with me?" He asked and Adesuwa turned towards me. 
"I think he just asked you out" she answered and I laughed. 
"I see, she's trying to be funny" Ibrahim answered and she scoffed. "You do know that the question was directed to you"
"What happened to your other wives?" She asked and I wondered how she knew? Perhaps they've been talking for a while.
"I already told you. I want to make you my official first wife" "Official first wife?" Adesuwa scoffed, "Oh wait, that's a thing now?"
"Seriously? Who broke your heart?"
"I'm not ready to be a man's play thing so..." She paused staring at me. "You men are dangerous"
"But I came out straight about having two wives" "It doesn't guarantee shit" she paused. 
"Well I like you Adesuwa and I would really love a date with you." "I can't.." she stalled, "I don't do dates" she answered.
"Just a friendly date. It would be here at this restaurant, I promise not to do anything you don't want to do" he proposed.
"Can we avoid this topic?" She asked and continued chewing on my fried rice.
"Henry can vouch for me. I promise not to do anything silly" 
I coughed choking on the rice. I dragged a glass of water drinking it.
"Don't drag me into this Ibrahim" I answered and I saw Adesuwa give me a look as though she wanted my approval.
"I'll go if Mr. Henry agrees" she added and I hissed within. I didn't know why she had to drag me into it. "Should I go?" She asked and I turned over to Ibrahim and then back at Adesuwa.
"Tell him she'll be safe with me. I'm not the kind to do crazy things to people"
He was right about that. The Ibrahim I knew have always been honest and straight forward. "He's not wrong" i answered clearing my throat. 
"I take that as a yes then"
"Yes" I cleared my throat and i heard Ibrahim laugh.
"Fine" she turned to him. 
"You have yourself a date"

Adesuwa's POV

I resumed work on Thursday in a chiffon lemon shirt tucked in a black trousers. Aunt Maggie thought I was becoming over-conscious of the way I look.
It made me feel uncomfortable. Not like I was doing it to draw any attention I thought to myself when I was in the bus.
A man stopped by later, I watched him approach me with a wide grin on his face. I wondered why he was grinning.
"Hello pretty" he said and I nodded.
"Good morning, can I help you?" I asked and he smiled. "My name is Ibrahim Hassan if you still remember"
I almost hissed. Of course I remembered him clearly. "I'll let Mr Henry know" I raised the phone up. "Wait, I would like to get to know you first"
"Give me a minute" he requested and I agreed.
"You're really pretty and I like you" "Sir"
"I'm taken by your beauty." "Thank you"
"My name is Ibrahim Hassan, I'm a Moslem with two wives and I'm not kidding about that"
"But I'm willing to get somewhere with you. What do you think?" he asked and I rolled my eyes. What nerve!
"I'm as real as can be baby, just say yes and you'd be married to be my millions"
"That sounds convenient, to be married to your millions and not you" I said and he laughed. "To me and my money. I mean I would like you to be the mother of my children"
"Is this how you got married to the first two wives?" I asked and he shook his head. "It was a lot easier, all it took was an arranged marriage for the first and the second got knocked up"
"Do you want to see Mr Henry or not"
"Are you offended already?" He asked and I put a call through to Mr Henry.
Shortly after he entered into the office, I walked in to find out if they needed anything. Ibrahim's eyes were all over me.

When Mr. Henry and Ibrahim came out of the office, they told me they were going out to have lunch, I was Invited by Ibrahim to tag along but I declined.
He pleaded and I finally agreed. He had nerves. He didn't even care if Mr. Henry was there, the poured out every rubbish he had in mind.
He asked me out on a date but I told him off, I wasn't ready to be a man's play thing.
"You men are dangerous" I buttressed.
"But I came out straight about having two wives"
"It doesn't guarantee shit" i answered.
"Well I like you Adesuwa and I would really love a date with you." "I can't.." i paused, "I don't do dates" i added.
"Just a friendly date. It would be here at this restaurant, I promise not to do anything you don't want to do" he proposed.
"Can we avoid this topic?" I asked, I didn't want to talk about it again. I felt bad that Mr Henry looked like the third wheel.
"Henry can vouch for me. I promise not to do anything silly" Ibrahim added and raised a brow at him. I guess he was playing his final card.
Mr Henry coughed then he dragged a glass of water drinking it.
"Don't drag me into this Ibrahim" he answered and I gave him a look as though I wanted some sort of approval from him.
Anything that moment would be good for me.
"I'll go if Mr. Henry agrees" i proposed I didn't know why I said that.
"Should I go?" I asked and he turned over to Ibrahim and then back at me. 
"Tell him she'll be safe with me. I'm not the kind to do crazy things to people"
"He's not wrong" i answered clearing my throat. 
"I take that as a yes then"
"Yes" He replied clearing his throat for the second time and i heard Ibrahim laugh.
"Fine" i turned to him. 
"You have yourself a date"

I retired early from work with permission from Mr. Henry. I wanted to change up for the date. I thought of seeing Lilian first before going.
She just resumed her night shift.
I found her mopping the floor, she had a earpiece stucked in her eyes. As I approached I could hear the sound of a gospel music blaring and I took the earpiece off. 
"Do you want to destroy your ear drums?"
"Sorry, I just wanted to block some thoughts out" she answered and I understood just what she meant.
"How are you doing?"
"I'm fine" she answered and I stared in disbelief. "I'll be fine" she added and we laughed.
I told her about the date and she got worried. "Are you sure about this?" "It's just for the fun"
"Remember what happened at the last date?" She asked and I shrugged. "Affliction shall not rise again the second time" I quoted and she laughed.
"I'll be fine"
"Just take care of yourself"

I raised a top up and Ivie walked in. She seemed so chirpy.
"How's Chidi" I asked and she smiled. "He's fine." She answered. 
"Someone seems happy"
"You know since he resumed work, he has been too busy. He said something about closing early today so I'll get to see him"
"So you're happy because you're going to see him"
"Is there anything wrong about seeing a friend?" "A friend?" I asked a bit taken.
"Chidi hasn't asked you out yet?" I blurted out and she raised her brow in shock. 
"What do you mean by ask me out yet?" She asked and I shut my eyes. I didn't mean for it to come out that way.
Ivie folded her hands waiting for some sort of response. "Is there something I should know?"
"I know you like Chidi so I told him" I confessed and her face contorted. "Why would you do that?"
"Because I think you deserve the best. I don't deserve Chidi but I think you do"
"He did say something about having something important to say to me. Now I'm ashame of going"
"Don't even try to run away from this. Chidi is a good man and you deserve someone like him. I see the way you smile when she talk about him" I teased and she giggled.
"If he's too chicken to make the move, do the needful" I advised and she laughed. 
"What are you doing?" Ivie asked and I shrugged. 
"Someone invited me out on a date"
"A date you say?"
"No a calendar" I answered and she laughed. 
"Don't tell me you're wearing that ugly top? do you hate him that much?"
"He's super annoying"
"Is he the one that's been making you blush these days? Your boss" "No" I replied.
Why would she say that?
"Mom told me you like your boss even if you don't want to admit it" she added and I opened my mouth In shock. 
"So you guys also joined the Adesuwa gossip gang"
"I didn't ask for any gist, she just started with, dont you see how Adesuwa looks younger these days" "Wait so then I looked older then"
"I wasn't the one that said it oh" she raised her hands and I laughed. 
"I don't like my boss.

. I just like him as a boss, do you understand that kind of relationship? I respect him and I see in him all I didn't see in other men"
"Like Odion"
"I said other men, you're calling Odion" I snapped and she laughed. "People mistake respect for love, I respect him and I like being around him. There's a good spirit that flows around him."
"Sounds like you like him"
"See!" I snapped. 
"Can we ...can we not talk about this?" I asked and she collected the top from me, throwing it away. "Clothes like that should be reserved to just wear at home or wear to the toilet"
"Someone is trying to be funny"
"Dress nice"
"I'm not going on a date with my boss, it's with a man I met today. He's a Moslem, married already. He wants a third wife" I laughed. 
"I'm not taking this serious"
"Whatever, just look nice and be careful. He might just be a ritualist" she added leaving.
"Thanks for putting ideas in my head!"

I finally decided to wear a red gown that stopped a bit above my knee. I bumped into Mr. Henry while I went up to my office.
I didn't have a reason for going. I felt like strolling over.
"You look radiant" he complimented and I smiled. "Thanks" I answered then I laughed looking at him and he drew close to me.
I saw him raise his hands to my face then he cleaned something off the corner of my lip. 
"Lipstick smudge" he muttered and I chuckled a bit embarrassed then I flipped my weavon rubbing my neck.
"Thanks" I answered then a call came in from Ibrahim. 
"I'm at the restaurant, where are you? It's bad to keep a gentleman waiting" he commented and I laughed.
"I'll be there in a minute" I answered.

To be continued...

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