Hotel Palava - Episode 23


Adesuwa's POV

When I got to the restaurant, I sighted Ibrahim so I walked up to him, a few persons turned heads at me when I walked in. "To say you look beautiful is an understatement"
"Thank you" I replied. I saw Fatai wave at me and i waved back.
"Who is he?"
"He's a very good friend of mine"
"He's handsome"
"he's not a friend in that kind of way" I snapped and he laughed. "I'm sorry, just teasing you" he answered pulling the chair out and I sat on it. 
"You didn't have to do that"
"Just being a gentleman 
. Where were you? You kept me waiting"
"I was at the office"
"Why were you at the office?" He asked and I blinked my eyes unbelievably. "I don't owe you any explanation"
"You don't, you're right about that though, but I'm interested" "I went to see if I left anything" "Like?"
"Like....." I paused in thought.
"Did you see Henry?" "Yes I did"
"Did he tell you how pretty you look" 
"Why are you asking?" 
"Just curious, only a mad mad would see you and not comment on how pretty you look. I'm pretty sure you had a lot of persons calling you"
"He did comment" I answered and he laughed

. Why was he laughing? I didn't understand him, what game was he playing at?
"I'm pretty sure you went there so he could see you" he assumed and I stood up, "Dinner is over I can't stand and listen to you say rubbish. I knew this was a mistake. I never should have agreed in the first place"
"You went there cause you like him" "Oh screw it, I don't like him" I snapped. 
"Sit down Adesuwa, let's talk like civilized beings" he requested and I sat back on the chair. 
"I can be a jerk at times, I can be a lot of things but I'm not blind. I know when a woman likes a man and when a man likes a woman"
"You're mistaken"
"If I'm mistaken you wouldn't have sat down" he added and I sighed. "Mr. Henry is my boss, I don't like him, I respect him"
"Whatever makes you sleep at night" he added chuckling.
"I'm serious, why do people think I like him?"
"So I guess I'm not the only one in the boat" "I don't like him. You've all got it wrong" 
"So you don't like him the tiniest bit, not even his smile" he added and I laughed. "Okay" I paused when I saw him look over at a corner. I turned back but there was no one there. 
"I like you Adesuwa, i really do and i wish that you can take my offer to be my third wife"
"I thought bit was official first wife?" I snapped and he laughed.
"I can't subject myself to that life of having to share my husband with two other ladies"
"And i also can't subject myself to hurting my dear friend Henry" he answered and I rolled my eyes. I didn't understand his point! 
"What's your point"
"He likes you"
"Henry likes you and you like him too"
"You're sick in the head. Mr Henry is currently dating" "I know what I see"
"You're being delusional"
"If he doesn't like you, he wouldn't have being here to spy on you" He answered and I looked around in search of Mr Henry.
"He left already. He was here a while ago" he answered chuckling and I sighed. 
"Maybe he...maybe" I stammered. 
"Maybe he had"
"What?" Ibrahim asked now busting out in laughter.
"I just confirmed my suspicion, there's something between you guys, you two have some sparks and you're both not willing to accept it"
"I don't want issues, he's dating"
"Maybe he's not meant to be with his present girlfriend. Is it Jummy?" He asked and I nodded.
"Those two have been together for a long time though"
"See, you're wrong!"
"I may be and I may not be wrong. Just admit your feelings first" "I don't know what I feel for anyone. I haven't felt anything since..." I paused in memory of Odion.
"What did he do?"
"He..." I paused. 
"I can't say it" I sniffled trying to control my tears from streaming down. "You're going to need to talk to someone someday. It's killing you"
"Are you a psychologist?"
"No. I'm nowhere close to being one. I'm just really good with words. That's how I woo my women, I still wonder why i don't have ten wives yet"
"And you wanted to take a leap with me" I added and he chuckled.
"I was serious about you. I wanted you to be the mother to my children"
"How many kids do you have"
"Three, you could have given me a fourth"
"Seriously?" I laughed, "I'm a sharp shooter. I never miss a goal" he added and I laughed harder. 
"You're crazy." I added and he called on a waiter then he poured a wine into a glass. 
The waiter stood close to us.
"Let's drink" he said and I shook my head.
"I'm sorry I can't"
"Why?" He asked, "It's not alcoholic, I'm not trying to get you drunk and besides I just poured it now, right in your front"
"It doesn't count. Men are devious"
Ibrahim requested that the waiter leave and he did. 
"Is this about what he did? Did he spike your drink?" He asked, "Can we drop the topic?"
"Were you raped? Did he rape you?" He asked and that was it for the night.
"Good night Ibrahim" I stood up leaving.
"Adesuwa!" He called out but i paid dear ears to his calls.

Henry's POV

I got out from the office to meet Adesuwa looking gorgeous in a red gown. She looked priceless. I was lost for words. 
"You look radiant" I said to her and her lips curved into a smile. 
"Thanks" she answered then she laughed.
I noticed a red lipstick smudge at corner of her lip so I cleaned it.
"Lipstick smudge" i whispered then she flipped her weavon rubbing her hands on her neck.
"Thanks" she replied.
This was followed by an incoming call; probably from Ibrahim.
She laughed after picking up the call.
"I'll be there in a minute" she answered then hung up. It was definitely Ibrahim.
"Good night Sir" she added walking away. My eyes unconsciously lingered on her ass for a moment. I've never taken cognizance of it. 
I quickly turned my gaze to the wall then I went back into the office. I couldn't get the thought of Ade off my mind. I thought of Ibrahim and his sugar-coated words.
An imagination popped to into my head. Adesuwa got married to Ibrahim and then moved to Abuja with him. I didn''t understand why I was angry about it.
I shuddered out of the thought then I stood up. I stood up ready to go into the room but I didn't even know when I my feet took me to the restaurant. 
I took a peek at Adesuwa she was talking with Ibrahim. I saw her laugh then I noticed Ibrahim look towards my direction. 
I immediately dodged. I didn't want him seeing him. How would I explain myself to him.
I walked into the room where I found Jummy. She was in her lingerie and she was really happy. 
"Hey baby" she held my shirt kissing my lips.
"Hey dear"
"How was work?"
"It was...." I paused, it's not everyday we hear her ask that question. I guess she was really in a very good mood"
"You seem happy"
"Yes I am. I'm happy to see you." She replied kissing me continuously. "I love you so much baby"
"I love you too" I struggled to answer. 
"On Saturday is a friend's wedding and I want you to come with me" "No way, I've got the hotel"
"That's why you have the assistant. Please baby, please" she begged and I sighed. 
"Okay fine. I won't stay for too long"
"Thanks" she answered unbuttoning my shirt. "Come here let Jummy treat you right"
"Not tonight, I'm really not in a good mood"
"You better yield or I'll rape you" she threatened and I rolled my eyes kissing her and she moved my hand over to her ass. 
"Whether you like it or not, it would still be rape cause I'm still not in the mood" I replied laying in bed. 
"Henry?" She asked and I kept mute.
"At least take off your shirt"
"I'm better this way" i replied closing my eyes.
"Are you seriously doing this?" She asked and I feigned asleep.
I woke up from have a nightmare about Adesuwa and Ibrahim. Jummy was laying on my chest. 
I dragged my phone closer, it was just 4:35. 
I couldn't sleep so I went to the office, turned on my laptop then I decided to do some research on hotels all around the globe. 
I finally slept off on the desk. 
I felt a tap on my arm, I looked up to find Adesuwa with her hands raised up. She was about to hit me once again. She quickly dropped her hands.
"Good morning Sir"
"Morning Adesuwa"
"Don't tell me you spent the night at the office?"
"I didn't, I stopped by after I had a nightmare" "About what?" She asked and I thought of a lie I could use to wiggle out of her question.
"How was your night?"
"It was..." She paused, "You meant my date with Ibrahim right?" She added and I nodded.
"It was fine but he ended up annoying me" "Are you sure?" I asked and I saw her quickly raise her brow up. "Why?"
"When I stopped by at the restaurant you were laughing, you seemed to be enjoying the date"
"What were you doing at the restaurant?" She asked and I paused in thought. 
"I had um... I was looking for.. well it's in the past. Not like it was important" I answered and she quietly looked at me. 
"I laughed while it lasted"
Jummy walked in on us, "Hey" I said to her and she walked up to Adesuwa. 
"So you cannot greet?" She asked, "Good morning" Adesuwa muffled and she hissed.
"Sweetie I noticed you weren't in bed at the early hours of dawn" she pointed out and I wondered why she was looking at Adesuwa.
"Don't tell me you were with your secretary"
"Jummy I wasn't with her. She just resumed work" I answered and she walked towards me. "I have some issues to settle with the agency, remember I told you about the international investors the other day?" She asked me and I gave a wry response.
"Bye sweetie" she kissed me on the lips, I didn't want more drama so I kissed her back.
I saw Adesuwa walk out from the corner of my eyes then Jummy wheeled the chair out, mounting on me. 
"What are you doing?" I asked, "What does it look like?" She grinned dragging the tie i wore. "Come on just a little quickie, we didn't make love last night nah" she complained and I held her hands.
"In the office?" I whispered and she laughed.
"When has that ever stopped us?" She asked kissing my lips and i withdrew. "Remember when we would do it every where, in the Kitchen when mom isn't around, in the parlor, even in the car" she added.
"I know you want it, i can feel it already" she pulled down my zippers and I shook my head.
"Not in the office please" i begged and Adesuwa walked in. I pushed Jummy away slightly and she got off me. 
"What degree of insolence! Didn't your mom teach you to knock before entering anywhere?" She asked, "I knocked twice before entering"
"Now we're deaf right?" She charged towards her and Adesuwa closed her eyes. "It's okay Jummy! You don't talk to people that way" 
"What do you want?" I stood up and I realized she looked down at my zippers.
"Sorry about that" I zipped up. 
"Um.. Ibrahim Hassan called, he said to inform you that he's on his way. I forgot to tell you."
"Why didn't he just call me?" I asked and she shrugged. 
Jummy turned back at me. 
"When did Ibrahim get here?" She asked.
"Later Sir" Adesuwa walked out.
"Jummy you were rude to her. You should apologized"
"Over my dead body. Sweetie I did what needed to be done. She's taking advantage of your kindness." "She's not taking advantage of anything. Why do you guys hate her?"
"Call it natural perception, I don't trust that woman one bit. Bye sweetie" she kissed me once more before leaving. 
Ibrahim stopped by, he told me he was leaving already, his second wife went into labor. "How was your date last night?" I asked and he laughed.
"It would have been great"
"Adesuwa said you were annoying"
"If you call asking questions annoying. That girl is damn scared of being intimate with someone. You ask her questions and she"
"Withdraws" I concluded and he nodded.
"If you want to press on, she gets even more angry" I added and he agreed. 
"I guess you've tried too. That girl is dealing with trust issues"
"I know" I answered.
"If there's anyone that can help her, it's you Henry" he suggested and I laughed.
"What do you mean?"
"If you get closer to her" "She's already my secretary"
"Not that kind of closeness" Ibrahim hissed, "I meant..."
"You're an asshole" I snapped and he laughed.
"Look at his big head! Go ahead and deny you don't like her" 
"Ibrahim, are you sure you're not on something?" "Why are you being defensive now?"
"Cause you're crazy. I don't like Adesuwa, she's my secretary" "So you weren't jealous that she was on a date with me last night?" He asked and i stalled. 
"Why were you spying on her then? I saw you Henry and I know what I see when you look at her"
"What's your business?"
"Call me cupid, everyone knows I'm as honest as can be. I just hate seeing two people wallow in secretive love for each other. If I like a girl, I walk up to her and I tell her. I don't hide it"
"It's complicated Ibro"
"What's complicated about telling a girl what you feel about her"
"I'm with Jummy okay?"
"Do you like Jummy?"
"It's complicated" I answered, "Mom and her parents"
"Wait..." Ibrahim laughed. "You did this for your mom?" "What choice do I have"
"I fit slap you as I dey so. What kind of useless reply is that? You're a grown ass man" "That's coming from someone who's first wife was from an arranged marriage"
"Dude I was twenty five years old. How old are you again, oh yeah, you're freaking thirty three years old. I can stand my ground now. My parents can't say interfer in my affairs again. Everyone grows Henry. You have to make her know you're all grown up now. Come on, you've always being mom's obedient dog. You have to break out someday"
"I still respect her"
"Do you like Jummy enough to marry her?" He asked and I shook my head. "She nags a lot, she doesn't listen but she expects you to listen to her. She's different from the way she was years ago"
"How?" Ibrahim asked, "She's now a total snob"
"Jummy has always been a snob. You were too stupid to notice that" he answered and I scoffed. 
"I guess your time out away from her made you sane. You were always so in love with her"
"I don't feel the same again"
"And Adesuwa?" He asked and i sighed. 
"She gets me, she's understanding, she's wise and when she speaks, she blows me away. I've been thinking of her a lot. I've been worried about her. I just didn't want to admit it to myself that .."
"You like her"
"Mom would freak out" I placed my hands on her head. "Let her freak out, that's the first step of breaking free Henry, take it from me. They'll freak out afterwards they'll come accept your choices."
"What if she doesn't feel the same?"
"She does. Take it from the love doctor here, the feeling is mutual" "How do you?" I asked slowly and he laughed.
"My lips are sealed" he answered and I chuckled.
"First thing first, break off whatever you have with Jummy. Then you move on to the second phase, asking that girl out"
"Both phases are difficult. Jummy will kill me"
"You just have to do it, unless you're willing to give Jummy a permanent try" he recommended and I shook my head. I didn't see myself living peacefully with Jummy. 
I might die of heart attack.

Adesuwa's POV

I knocked twice on Mr. Henry's office then i walked to the sight of his girlfriend on him. My heart became heavy at the sight. 
"What degree of insolence! Didn't your mom teach you to knock before entering anywhere?"
I wanted to apologise but my voice seized the moment she uttered that word. I kept quiet out of respect for Mr. Henry.
"I knocked twice"
"Now we're deaf right?" She asked, oh I so wished that I could answer her back that moment.
I informed Mr. Henry about Ibrahim's visit and then I left. I couldn't concentrate. I was obviously dying of jealousy.
It finally dawn on me. I really do like Mr. Henry.
I felt disturbed so I went to the quarters.

. I was hoping Lilian would still be around. 
I found her sleeping on the table so I woke her up.
"Hey" she said to me and the breath from her mouth blew me away.
"You chop garlic for dream?" I asked her and she chuckled.
"What's up? How was your date?" She sat up and I sat on a chair close to the table.
"It was fine until he started to ask me questions about why I didn't want to drink the wine on the table and who hurt me. You know how those questions irritates me." I answered and she nodded.
"How was the man"
"He wasn't out to really make advances towards me, we talked about something different"
"Do you think I like Mr. Henry?" I asked and she raised her brow at me. 
"Are you just realizing it?" She asked and I pinched her. 
She laughed.
"What made you realize it?" She asked and I sighed. 
"I'm jealous of Jummy and I don't know what I feel anymore. Ever since Odion, I've really distant myself from guys. He's like the first good man I've met in years and it started out as respect and just admiration. Lilian I want to pull out but I can't."
"He's everything I want in a man, he understands me. He doesn't give up on me. I lied to him and he forgave me. People don't forgive me easily but he did. He's just.... Perfect" I muttered as tears rolled down my eyes. 
"Come here" Lilian pulled me close for a hug.

To be continued...

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