Hotel Palava - Episode 25


Henry's POV

I thought deeply on what Ibrahim said. He had a very good point.
I had to put Adesuwa and Jummy on a scale of importance. 
I've known Jummy since I was a teen. I remember the first day I met her, mom organized a party and she came with her parents.
I crushed on her beautiful smile. When I was in SS1 and we had our first kiss

. The next year we made love. I made a promise to her that moment to forever be her man. 
I promised to be the man to take her down the aisle. I was sixteen and foolish. 
When I came back to Nigeria and mom brought up the idea of dating Jummy. I thought I could give her a try or take a chance on her. 
I turned over to Jummy who was laying in bed with me and i asked myself the same question Ibrahim asked. 
Do I see myself waking up to see Jummy everyday of my life? My life would become miserable!
I thought of Adesuwa and the moments we've had together. Suddenly I remembered the circumstance that led to our meeting. 
I knew I had to make a decision real quick. I knew what it was but I didn't know how to break Jummy and Mom's heart.

I fixed a board meeting that day, every head of department had one thing or the other to iron out, I was looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions.
There was a knock on the door and Adesuwa walked in, "The meeting will commence in fifteen minutes Sir" she announced and I nodded. "Thanks" I answered still scouring the net.
I noticed she was a bit off today

. "Are you okay?" I asked, "Yes Sir, why did you ask?"
"I noticed you're a bit unhappy" "I'm just a little bit under the weather" she answered. "Do you want to take a day off?"
"No. I'll be fine Sir"

The meeting commenced exactly by 12, Emmy complained about things that weren't necessary to the progress of the hotel like getting a new secretary that could use computers In typing minutes and moving Adesuwa to the receptionist counter.
"Adesuwa's table is currently taking up space" 
"How that relevant now?" Adesuwa asked and she stood up. 
"There should be a change, don't you guys agree with me. In order to make the manager concentrate better"
How does this link with your first point? I thought within.
"And who says the manager isn't concentrating?" Mrs. Haruna asked, "What's this girl even insinuating?" She added and I saw Emmy bat her eyes at Mrs. Haruna.
"Please I directed this opinion to the manager not people of inconsequential importance" she snapped and Adesuwa scoffed. 
I saw her whisper something to Emmy. 
"Who has relevant opinion to deliver, I didn't call this meeting so we could waste time on unnecessary topics"
Some persons chuckled and Emmy sat down. I knew she felt hurt by it. Adesuwa smiled.
Fatai raised his hands.
Emmy followed me after the meeting. "Henry I don't like the way you treat me, it unfair!" "Do you realize you're talking to your boss?"
"Screw it! She's always entering into your office. You're screwing with her and you know it! You're cheating on Jummy and it's wrong. It's not fair" she yelled and I exhaled. 
"For peace sake, if you love Jummy just let that bitch go. I'll keep making her life a living hell. I swear to God"
"Are you through?" I asked, "Yes I am"
"Great" I answered leaving her alone.

I learnt Tosin stopped by at the hotel with the kids to meet Fatai and she didn't even bother to say hi so I drove over to her house.
"You couldn't even stop by to say hi to your big bro" I snapped immediately she opened up her door.
"I'm sorry, the kids were scared to go up"
"Oh... Sorry about that. How are they coping?" 
"They'll be fine. Taye, Kehinde!" she called out, Uncle Henry is here!" She shouted and they both rushed out hugging me. 
"Did you bring anything?" They asked and I felt ashamed.
"I'm sorry I forgot" I answered.
"Cash is accepted too" Kehinde stretched her hands and I laughed. "Go and do your assignment!" Tosin yelled, "It's the weekends" Taye answered.
"I've done mine" Kehinde answered.
"Go and re-do it. In order words," she paused stretching her hands towards a room and they left. 
"These kids are giving me headaches!" She yelled and I laughed. Suddenly she placed her hands akimbo on her waist.
"A toad doesn't run in daylight unless there's something chasing after it"
"I can't believe you just used that proverb on me." I answered and we both took our seat on a couch. "What's up?"
"What would you think of me if I break things off with Jummy?" I asked and there was a brief silence. 
"I'm confused, I dont want Jummy anymore" 
"You want Adesuwa" she chipped and I raised my brow in shock. How did she know?
"You're surprised?" She asked and I nodded.
"Well what an elder sees sitting, a small boy cannot see when if he's thirty three and standing on an iroko tree" she answered and I laughed.
"You're crazy" I commented and she laughed.
"Henry I knew you liked that girl from the moment you spoke about her. The way your eyes lit, I knew there was something there"
"I've come to realize I like her and I want more than anything to start something with her" I paused thinking of what mom would do.
"Mom hates her" I added.
"Are you going to do this or you'll chicken out? One way or the other you're going to need to break out of this chain"

Adesuwa's POV

While I was writing the minute of the meeting, Emmy complained about me writing a minute on a notebook instead of typing it. 
"The world is more advanced, if she cannot type let's find someone capable." 
"Any other idea?" Mr. Henry asked, then she proceeded to suggesting that I get move over to the receptionist counter. This got me really angry. For a moment I had to ask within, what have I ever done to offend her?
I turned over to her, she sat close to me.
"Adesuwa's table is currently taking up space" she added and .y mouth opened slightly in shock. What does space have to do with this now?
"How that relevant now?" I asked and she stood up. 
"There should be a change, don't you guys agree with me. In order to make the manager concentrate better"
"And who says the manager isn't concentrating?" Mrs. Haruna asked, I'm always glad when she has my back.
"What's this girl even insinuating?" She added and Emmy bat her eyes at Mrs. Haruna.
"Please I directed this opinion to the manager not people of inconsequential importance" she snapped and i scoffed. 
"You were being rude Emmy and you're seriously beginning to get on my nerves" I whispered to her.
"Who has relevant opinion to deliver, I didn't call this meeting so we could waste time on unnecessary topics" Mr. Henry added and i smiled. 
That felt good. That should at least shut her up till the end of the meeting.
I noticed Emmy coming my way, she was obviously fuming. "You prostitute, I know your kind nah." "Stop calling me names Emmy, please I've been trying to avoid having issues with you. I'm not this nice, don't try my patience"
"If I call you names what would you do ehn? Who you be sef?" She asked.
"Emmy have I ever wrong you?"
"See question. You mess with my girl's man, you mess with me"
"There's nothing going on between Mr. Henry and I" I confessed and she laughed nonsensically. 
"You think I don't know what happens behind that closed door"
"You're crazy Emmy"
"Crazy? Babe you haven't seen crazy" she answered walking away. Suddenly I began to wonder why it was difficult to get her a job despite the fact she was friends with someone as influential as Jummy. She could get a job anywhere. Why settle for less? 
Perhaps to serve as a watch dog, I concluded.
In the evening, I packed up to leave. Mr Henry was in his office. I walked in to bid him goodnight.
"I'm about to leave Sir"
"Now?" He asked and I nodded then I laughed. 
He seemed funny that he was asking. 
"I'm sorry I asked, I wanted to talk to you. Can we talk for a moment?" He asked and I agreed. 
There was a brief silence and I cleared my throat. "Sorry I don't know how to start without coming off as..." He paused.
"As?" I asked and he cleared his throat.
"During your date with Ibrahim, I stopped by" "I know, you told me already Sir" 
"I did but I didn't tell you the real reason why I did. I was jealous" he confessed and my heart skipped. 
Was I dreaming? Why was he confessing?
Mr. Henry stood up, "I was jealous Ibrahim would steal you away with his sweet words. I just wanted to see for myself if the date was going well or if it was a total disaster. When I got there, you were enjoying the date and I was angry."
"Let me speak, please"
"Okay Sir"
"I wasn't really sure of how I felt about you but my eyes has finally opened to the truth and I finally realized that I like you." He laughed nervously.
"I really do like you Adesuwa."
My heart fluttered, I was overjoyed by the shocking confession but then I remembered Jummy.
"Why are you telling me all this?" I asked as though i wasn't excited to hear it.
"Cause I won't be able to live with myself if I don't. I've been living a lie; living in pretense and I can't do that anymore."
"What about Jummy?" I asked, "She's your girlfriend and you like her" "You're right about the fact she's my girlfriend but I don't like her. I did, years ago, not anymore"
"It doesn't look that way when you were kissing her back" I snapped and he laughed. 
"Were you jealous?" He grinned and I pulled back.
"I was..." I said haltingly. "It's not that, it's just"
"Be honest with me as I am being honest with you Adesuwa. Do you in the slightest way feel what I feel for you" he asked and I shut my eyes in tears.
"I literally shut my heart after Odion. He was my ex"
"Is he the reason why your mind is so twisted?" he asked and I chuckled in midst of my tears. 
That's half the story, I answered within.
"I've always seen wealthy folks as always trying to act like they can use their money to buy even the air the poor breathe. They think they're indispensable, like they're invisible, like they can get away with anything. You change my opinion. For the first time, I finally trusted someone that it hurts when you see me incapable of making peace or not causing trouble. I felt bad"
"I'm sorry" he apologized, "It's okay, it's a good thing. I've always been used to people thinking the worst of me but not with you. I just had a better expectation, I thought it was respect I had for you. That crazy Ibrahim made me realize it was love I felt not just respect." I answered laughing and he moved close to me.
"I felt jealous when I saw you kiss Jummy"
"I'm sorry about that, I did that to appease her, to pacify her"
"Why are you still with her? You're a good person and she's...." I stalled. "Im not trying to play the righteous person here; I have my flaws but they're not as bad as hers.

. People like Jummy treat us poor people with disgust, like trash. You're the exact opposite. I don't have any right to throw insults but..."
"I told you already, everything I do is because of mom" "And I already advised you to break free. For crying out loud Henry, you're a grown-up, you can make your own decisions"
"I know." He placed both palm on my cheeks looking down at me, his thumb brushing along my cheekbone.
"I know" he repeated. 
"I know very well that I'm a grown ass man and I'm willing to start by doing this" he paused pressing his lips against mine. We shared our first passionate kiss together. 
"Please call me Henry" he whispered and his lips parted mine once again. His gentle hands ran through my waist. I literally froze.
"Jummy" I whispered.
"I'll break it off with her tomorrow. After the wedding she invited me to." He brought his lips close to mine once again.
"Are you sure?"
"I've never been sure of anything in my entire life. It's you I want Ade" "Your mom"
"Mom would just have to accept you, I don't care if she likes it or not" he answered and I bit my lips chuckling.
There's nothing more sexier than a rebellious son picking his woman's side. Damn I was turned on!
My smile widened and I wrapped my hands around his neck kissing him on the lips. It felt like a dream, it was too good be true. 
I had a feeling something bad was waiting for me around the corner.

To be continued...

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