Hotel Palava - Episode 3


Henry's POV

I walked into a section of the hotel called multipurpose hall along with Mrs Haruna. There were about forty something workers waiting to officially meet me.
I cleared my throat before I spoke.
"I came into the hotel last night. There was no doorman to welcome me in. Every guest needs to be welcomed in
. I noticed a high level of Indiscipline among the workers. It's enough to judge that May hotel has lost its worth without the real boss here in Nigeria to supervise it. The receptionist was gossiping on duty, she even forgot there was a customer waiting"
"I'm sorry Sir" the receptionist apologized.
"With all I've noticed, the only professional thing to do is reshuffle the staffs. Out with the old and in with the new" i paused and a whole lot of people gave apologetic responses, there were mumuring here and there while others placed their hands on their heads.
"Of course I know the implication of doing that, we will have jobless asses out there and i will obviously would look like the bad guy responsible for it. I don't want to be the bad guy"
"Please don't be the bad guy" Michelle shouted and all eyes fell on her.
"I won't fire anyone.. for now
. One thing for sure is that if Olaniyi, were to be around, Not Segun Olaniyi, I meant his cousin, he would have been disappointed. May hotel has always been a hotel that delivers services at it's best. This hotel was established in 1995 by a wonderful woman, if you care to know the history; her name is May Damilola Olaniyi. May hotel is a hotel of high standard workers. I've watched this family put in their best to make this hotel grow. We're going to make a few changes since there's a new management. I believe the hotel has rules and regulations. We're going to to need to work on them and maybe make a few adjustment. Every hotel should have a standard and we'll work at nothing but to achieve it together. Do I make myself clear?" I asked and the whole room chorused, "Yes Sir!".
I had two or more slot to be filled in as I have taken my position as manager, the slot of assistant and Secretary were yet to be filled.
Two weeks after the incident, as walked through the hotel hall with the staff supervisor. We discussed on his the search for a secretary and an assistant.
"Sir, the ones that I've been coming nko?" Mrs. Haruna asked, she still didn't understand why i haven't made a choice among the applicants who came looking for a job days ago.
"I promised to give them a call, but they're not qualified" I answered
"The other one that had masters nko?"
"For me it's not about your your degree, I look at your character too" he answered and she sighed. I knew she was getting tired already.
"You're tired already"
"Until you get an assistant, my work would still look so...." she stalled and i laughed.
"I understand and I apologise for the stress"
"It comes with the job description sha" she joked and i chuckled. "Sir I have to be in my office, I have pending business to .."
"It's okay" I answered, suddenly I sighted the maid who walked into me naked from down the stair. Of course I recognized her, I never forget a face or a name.
She was with another maid, i could tell from the uniform. She climbed up the stairs.
I walked down the stairs with a wide grin across my face.
I noticed she finally saw me. She tried to hide her face using the blue plastic laundry basket in her hand.
"You!" I yelled. She suddenly brought the basket down. She and her friend had the same shocked look on their faces.
"Me?" The other asked, "No," i paused, "I meant her" I pointed at the lady.
"I recognise you, its you right? You came into my room the other day and..." I trailed off because of the friend. I didn't want her knowing.
"Then you ran away"
"What's your name?" I added.
"Bei Bei Bei" she mumbled.
I opened my mouth in shock. I was surprised at the turn of events. "She's dumb?" I asked the friend, "That's how we saw it" she answered.
"Hey.. ey" she switched from 'bae' to the letter e" then she started to gesture with her hands.
"What she meant is that we have things to do" her friend interrupted.
"I'm sorry" i apologized. I felt awful for stopping her. I didn't even know why I felt awful. Or was it disappointment?
"I didn't know that... You both can go" I added and they left.
Adesuwa's POV
After i left the manager, I made sure he was far away before i spoke. "Thank God!" I sighed.
"That was close!" She added.
Lilian couldn't help but shake her head.
"You never cease to surprise me Adesuwa"
"What could I have done? It was the only good thing I could do. You have to admit, it was brilliant right?"
"Till when? How long can you keep up?" She asked a very good question that had me in thought for a minute.
"Till I find another job that pays twenty thousand or more a month. " I answered and Lilian rolled her eyes. "You're not seeing the big picture here are you? There's something mum always say about lie, you can't erase them, they'll keep on heaping till you have a mountain-size of it."
"I know, just give me till the end of the week, I'll try to get that job and quit this one" I answered and Lilian scoffed folding her hands.
A keke stopped me close to my house in one of the wildest street in Lagos, Rashidi Bello street....more like a ghetto. My name is Adesuwa Ighodaro and I was born and raised in the ghetto.
This is has been my home. I was given birth in Lagos without a father.
Apparently i was an offspring from a fling mom had with her Boss. He rejected the both of us and sent mom packing when she was four months gone with some good amount of money.
I live in a two room apartment with my aunt and niece. I have a promiscuous aunt whose alternative for me is nothing other than prostitution.
I swore to live a decent life and that has been my quest.
I walked into the noisy scenery of children playing outside our FACE ME I FACE YOU compound.
"Aunty Ade!" they all cheered jumping and looking at my handbag, "You bring something come for us?" one of the kids asked as though they gave me something to keep for them.
I laughed then I walked away only to see my aunt, come out of a room that wasn't hers. It belonged to a neighbour who was practically married.
"Aunt Maggie!" I shouted bitting my finger in shame as i walked close to her. Aunty Magarette turned to me in surprise, "You don come back?" she asked, "Do i need to ask what you're doing in brother matthew's room?" I snapped, and she immediately covered my mouth with her palm.
"He's married aunty!" "So?" she asked shamelessly.
"The man gives me cash" she added.
"Ah! Abeg leave person husband go marry your own oh!" I shouted in disgust then i went into the sitting room only to meet an unwelcomed guest- Chidi Benson, one of my many suitors. He was in the room with my twenty three years old niece Ivie.
"You again" i complained.
I was tired of his constant visit and proposal to date him.
Chidi Benson is a chartered accountant and according to him, he fell in love with me after meeting her at the filing station where i previously worked in.
He bought fuel and later demanded for a phone number which i refused him.
However he bribed his way to get my phone number, even my home address.
I rolled my eyes at the sight of him. "What do you want now?" I asked, then he knelt down opening a ring case with a wide smile on his face.
"Be my wife Adesuwa, i want you to take me as your friend, a lover and a husband" His hands trembled in fear.
"That has to be the longest proposal ever" I joked, "Is that a yes?" Chidi asked, "I had a horrible day at work. Abeg, I want to sleep, make i sleep" I replied sharply entering into the room where I collapse on the bed.
Henry's POV
After a stressful day, I was exhausted. I went to the family house. Mom wasn't at home, she was in India with Dad doing only God knows what. Apparently they went on a vacation.
I took off my shoes, ready to sleep when my mother called me on the phone. I grudgingly picked up the call.
"Just called to remind you about your date with Jumoke, do you still remember?" She asked and I scoffed.
I wish she could just forget!
Jumoke coker is the only daughter to a wealthy friend of my father. She has long been bethrothed to me. We had a fling, call it a relationship as teens which we continued till we were grown.
Years ago, the idea seemed cute and innocent. Now, not so much for me.
"You clearly forgot" mom assumed,
"I didn't. I just hoped you would forget" I confessed and she observed a pause.
"Well I didn't and you better stop sounding that way. You have no idea how long I've planned this for you"
There was a brief silence.
"Are you listening to me Henry?" mom cuts in, "Yes mom. I'll call her and I promise to make her day special" I assured.
She was definitely glowing with smile from the other end of phone.
The following day, i set out with the house help and my little sister, Tosin to the shopping mall. Well she's not so little anymore, she's twenty seven but I still love to call her my little sister.
I ended a call I had with a friend then I chuckled. I've been conversing for the past ten minutes with an old friend in Yoruba.
He has always been naughty. He still is very naughty!
"Taiwo sha" he muttered to himself, then i heard Tosin laugh.
"You amaze me brother. You've been gone for years, yet you speak like you grew up here" Tosin commended.
"I did grew up here" I answered and she laughed.
"For how long mister?" She snapped and I laughed.
"I tried my best to still remain grounded to my root" I answered.
"I heard mom is still insisting on Jumoke; so what do you think about her?" she asked, raising a packet filled with toileteries.
"Do you still like her?" she added and I gave no reply.
"I'll take your silence as a no then." She answered and I chuckled. Tosin has always known me.
"It's not that I don't like her. It's been a while and I've outgrown the thought of getting married to her. I believe in changes,Tosin.
. People change and I also believe In chances so i'm willing to take a chance on her, for mom's sake."
I asked Deji for ideas on a good restaurant where i could prepare a date and he proposed one and before I knew it, venue for the date was set.
Jumoke crossed her leg at the dinning table where she sat biting her lower seductively as she gazed at me . I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the stare.
"Remember those times Henry, when i'll sneak into your room and we'll.." I didn't let her finish her sentence "Let's finish dinner first" i interupted.
Of course I remember the moments, we were young and adventurous, all we did was have s*x and more s*x.
After the date, like a gentleman, I volunteered to drop her home but she declined. She would rather spend the night at the family house with me.
Something smelt fishy.
That night, while i wore my pajamas ready to sleep, Jummy entered into my room. She wore a short lingerie that left nothing to the imagination.
"Hello Henry"she called out in the most s*xiest way that could turn any man on, then she hopped on the bed.This action had me running towards the door.
"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, "Come on Henry, doesn't it look familiar?" She paused, "It's what we used to do years ago"
"That was ages ago Jummy, you need to get out now" I requested opening the door for her to leave.
"Are you being serious right now?" She asked and i nodded affirmatively.
Jumoke scoffed then walked up to me touching my chest. "Don't reject me Henry" she pleaded, "And don't make a fool of yourself too. You're better than this" i added sharply, gently pushing her out of the room.
Afterwards, I locked the door; twice. I didn't understand why she would come in here to make a fool out of herself. Perhaps I didn't know her the way i thought i did.
Suddenly I started feeling guilty about the way i treated her.
"Urgh!" I grunted laid in bed then I hit my head on the wooden egde.
"Ouch" I groaned as the thought of the speech impaired lady crossed my mind. I felt bad for her. It must be really difficult for her to deal with the job demands.
I also thought of how difficult it would be for her to communicate with guest and workers.
Then next day, I decided to do a little investigation on the speech-impaired maid. I wanted to get close to her and know her better.
To be continued...

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