Hotel Palava - Episode 6

Henry's POV
I couldn't sleep well that night. I thought of how the following day would be. I also thought of things I could do to make her look even more stupid before actually revealing to her that I know the truth......
Adesuwa's POV
After my encounter with Felicia, I had to go back to the pharmacy to better explain things to her. I walked into her advising a girl about contraceptives.
"The only thing guys want na to see wetin dey under your skirt and I know say you don start man thing already" she said then our eyes met.
She returned her gaze back to the girl.
"So ...wetin I go advised na say make you dey protect yourself everytime
. Use condoms always"
"I hear"
"No be matter of I hear be this oh, if you con meet me for abortion pills. I swear to God who made me, I go beat devil commot for your body." She threatened afterwards the girl left.
"Good evening" I greeted and I watched her hiss.
"So now you don get voice shea?" She snapped and I rolled my eyes.
"Don't judge me, just listen to me. You can ask Lilian for the other side of the story, it's all a mistake and I'll try to fix it."
"Everything is always a mistake for you
. Adesuwa I'm not judging you, I don't like where you're heading to. Lies will never take you anywhere. It only builds up"
"What can I say?"
"Who was that man?"
"My boss" I answered after hesitating. "Oh great! That's perfect, you lied to your own boss" she answered sarcastically.
"Don't judge me! You don't know what happened. Just listen to me, please" I requested and she sighed. "I want to know from the top to bottom. Don't leave anything out."
Then next day, I walked out of a room with a basket of dirty laundries, then i bumped into Lilian.
"This one wey you dey frown like this, you chop bile"
"Shebi if I chop bile I for just brush teeth waka pass? E no better make I chop bile?" I answered.
"Wait, are you still thinking of his visit?"
"Why won't I think of it? Give me one reason why I shouldn't think of it." "Because it won't change the fact that you lied" she stated and I hissed.
"We both know it wasn't intentional. I was nervous"
"Nervous or not, the deed has been done, don't think too much about it" "Easy for you to say, I'm the one who has to go around playing dumb until someone blows my cover."
"Whose fault is that?" Lillian snapped and i laughed.
"Let me just collect my October salary sha" I pointed out then I saw Henry walking towards us with a briefcase in his hands.
"Good morning Sir" Lilian greeted and i bowed my head slightly.
"How are you doing this morning Adesuwa?" He asked with a wide smile on his face. His British accent made my name sound hot.
I mumbled some inaudible reply.
"I suppose that means you're fine" he answered and i nodded.
"See! I'm starting to get a hang of this" he replied with a smile. He seemed to be a very good mood.
"The drugs must have worked" he added and i gave a thumbs up. "How was your night? I hope it was peaceful"
I gave another thumbs up.
"I wonder why you don't understand sign language. It's wierd" he gave a thoughtful look.
I glared at Lilian to help me fabricate a story.
"She didn't learn it because she had no one to teach her sir... She has been hustling all her life"
He gave Lilian a look, suddenly I Lilian look down, I didn't understand why.
"I'll ask around, there has to be like a school I can enroll you in"
"Uh?" I asked in shock.
He snapped his fingers. "Definitely, that sounds like a brilliant idea, don't you think so?" He asked and I shook her head in disagreement.
Hell no!!!
If there was any time to speak, now was the right time but nothing came out, I was still in character.
"It's no bother for me. It will be a pleasure helping you out. I feel obliged to help you out"
I continuously shook my head while he walked past me.
"Adesuwa" Lilian called out to me. I was lost in my own thought.
"Which kind kasala be this nah?" I asked letting out a troubled sigh.
"From frying pan to fire. Life just Taya me as I dey so" I stomped my feet on the floor going.
"Where are you off to?" She asked and I raised my brow rudely. Wasn't it obvious from the basket I held.
"I'm looking for the nearest canal to jump in, where else would I be going to?" I snapped then I heard her laugh.
I walked into Mr Henry's office later in the day. Mummy B had informed me that the Boss wanted to see me.
"You're here" he said rising from his chair.
"About the sign language thing, I made one or two calls and I fixed a meeting, more like an appointment with the lecturer of Dayspring School for the impaired"
I opened my mouth in shock. "I'll pay the bills, you don't have to worry about it. Learning sign languages would make communication a lot easier with you"
Another moment arose where i felt as though i should confessed but i couldn't bring myself down to do it.
"Wanna have lunch with me?" He asked and i shook her head.
"You must be hungry, let's have lunch" he demanded with a attempt to leave the office.
I rolled my eyes. I had a feeling something bad would happen.
At the hotel restaurant, My very own friend Joan walked up to us to take our order.
"Good day Sir, Ade good afternoon" she waved at me. She seemed shocked to see me having lunch with the manager as the other workers who were on duty.
Mr. Henry ordered for rice and moimoi, then he glanced at me.
"What do you want for lunch?" He asked and Joan tapped me.
"Ade wetin you want nah?" She asked and Mr. Henry quietly lookes at me.
"Ade" Joan whispered now looking at the manger. She didn't understand why I was being quiet.
She may probably conclude that I didn't want to speak to her because of i was having lunch with the boss.
"Na so life be?" She asked, "Because of Oga shea?" She added glancing at Mr. Henry once again.
I wanted to speak up but once again I couldn't bring myself to.
"She'll have the same thing with me" He chipped in and Joan walked away. My eyes trailed on her till she left.
I slapped her forehead in guilt. I felt bad for ignoring Joan.
"Are you okay?" Mr.Henry asked and I nodded.
"I hope you don't find it annoying that I made the order for you. I usually don't"
I waved my hands as though there was nothing wrong about what he did. I have been working at the hotel for two years,the first time I tasted their meal was the last for me.
The food was horrible. I know of few persons that cooks way better than May hotel's chef.
Joan placed the order on the table.
Mr. Henry immediately dug into it while i stalled. I hoped for God sake the meal will be better than the last.
The rice was better, I didn't plan on touching the moimoi.
"Moimoi is my favorite meal" he began, "I eat it now and then even though most times I end up sleeping in the toilet because of it" he explained and i chuckled unconsciously.
"I really can't get enough of it"
"What's your favorite meal?" He asked and i raised up the menu pointing at Fufu and Ogbono. "Seriously?" He asked with a wide smile glued to his face.
"There's this African restaurant where I get these stuff over there, they are exquisite"
Exquisite? I asked within.
This guy hasn't been in Nigeria for a while, he wouldn't know what tastes exquisite even if it slap him on the face.
Although with the way he said the 'Exquisite', anyone would believe it is. The accent sounded so hot!
Once again, i noticed the shock on workers faces as they passed by.
Mr. Henry picked up an incoming call, "I'm at the restaurant but I'll meet you shortly" he said to the caller.
"You don't have to" he added and i turned my gaze at him.
"Seriously?" He asked and then he dropped the phone on the table.
"Sorry about that" he apologized and I wondered why he was apologizing to a mere employee.
I dipped a fork into my mouth then I realized I had just taken a bite out of the moimoi. I immediately spat it out into the plate.
If I wasn't over-conscious, i would have said "I'm sorry"
"Is it bad?"
Bad? I asked within, where should I start from? Lunch was over for me! I decided, then i cleaned my lip with the servette.
"We're having company" he announced and i raised my head up in surprise.
"It's a friend"
I immediately stood up to leave when I heard him say, "You don't have to leave" and i shook my head.
I didn't want to be a third wheel.
"Henry darling" I heard a voice call out, i turned to see a lady in a glittery ash gown. She looked like one of those slay queens from rich homes.
She came along with a friend, that looked as though acid poured on her.
"Hey Jummy" Mr Henry said while the lady moved over to him placing her hands on his shoulder glaring at me.
Of course I knew what she was trying to do. She was obviously marking her territory. She probably saw me as a threat.
"Who is she?" Jummy asked, "She's definitely a maid, look at the uniform" the bleached one answered.
I almost scoffed.
. Then i looked her over bleached skin and black spoted fingers.
"So you go around having lunch with maids right?" She asked and I saw Mr. Henry rolled his eyes.
"I don't go around having lunch with maids and don't use that term it's derogatory"
"Derogatory? Henry you're having lunch with an employee,"
"I needed the company" he answered and I rolled my eyes invisibly.
Wrong answer! I said within.
"So you couldn't call me to keep you company. You had to call this" she waved her hands at me, "This, this" she stammered.
Mr. Cluless over there had no idea how to calm his raging girlfriend but I knew there was one way out of the situation.
"Bae, bae, bae" i said out loud.
Jummy stopped ranting the moment she heard this.
"Oh" she paused pointing at me.
"She's dumb" she added in guilt.
"I'm sorry" she apologized, "I thought you were with my boyfriend in that kind of way" she added.
Mr. Henry glanced back at her.
"Manage this" Jummy brought out some money from her bag stretching it at me.
I was offended! Who told her I needed money?
"I would like to invest in your dinner" she said and i looked at the money then walked away.
I walked into the kitchen where i found Joan slicing a carrot. From the way people stared at me, I knew they must have been talking.
"You're not invited here oh" an elderly woman yelled and i rolled her eyes. She was the Chef responsible for the for all the disaster made in the kitchen.
"I won't be staying for long"
"At least cover your hair"
"Maybe if one strand my hair enter the food, maybe e go try sweet" I snapped walking towards Joan who was chuckling.
"I go go report to manager"
"Naim I just follow chop, go report nah" she clicked her tongue.
"Asewo! Na to the sleep with all the managers naim you sabi" the lady snapped and i hissed.
It's not a first time hearing people speak badly of me. I'm just going to employ the same method i have been using all these years- I'll just walk away.
"Joan of Ikeja" i hailed and Joan tried not to laugh.
"I'm angry oh" she confessed and I touch her shoulder.
"I know. I'm sorry about what happened there"
"Firstly, why would you be having lunch with the boss and why did you ignore me?"
"It's a long story." She paused, "I no fit yarn (talk) everything now but I go try cut am short" i sighed with my eyes shut.
"I dey form dumbness for am" she answered and Joan stopped slicing. "How did it get to that?"
"I'll try to rectify it, it's a minor problem"
"Minor? Adesuwa, this man is our boss. If you call this a minor problem, what's your definition of minor?"
"I'll sort this out as soon as possible"
"This thing go come back con bite your yansh oh" Joan warned and i exhaled.
I didn't know what to do anymore.
To be continued...

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