Hotel Palava - Episode 9

Adesuwa's POV
I decided to take my bath in the evening after I got back from the hotel. Taking my bath was the last thing i needed that moment. I started to reflect on how much I'll miss my salary and how jobless I was.
I was jobless for a long time before I got saved by Mr. Haruna. I wasn't ready to go back to that life.
I wanted to cry! I needed somewhere to scream and someone to pour my heart out to.
The bathroom was an excuse to cry
. I didn't want my aunt seeing me so weak so I went into the bathroom and I played a music so loud no one would hear me cry.
After bathing, I walked into the sitting room with a brown towel tied from my breast  region to my lap. I found Mrs. Haruna seated with her legs crossed.
I guessed she has heard the news.
"Good evening Ma" I greeted.
"Adesuwa please take your seat"
"Let me drop the pail"
"Please take your seat and don't make me ask twice" she ordered and I sat on the couch facing sideway.
"I asked of you today and I heard you resigned because of something you did" she paused. "What's wrong with you Adesuwa?"
"Dem do you?" She snapped and I tried to withhold my tears, still not looking at her.
"Look at me when I talk to you Adesuwa!" She ordered and I turned to her heaving a sigh.
"I didn't plan it"
"Why would you lie to the Boss? That was the reason why you didn't want to submit the resume right?"
"If it wasn't you who said 29 instead of 49, I wouldn't have been in this mess, so don't blame me!" I cried out cleaning the mucous coming out from my nose with my arm.
"I didn't say 29"
"You did! I didn't hear wrongly, that was what you said"
"Okay fine, let's say this is partly my fault but it wasn't enough to act dumb. Kilode? it was too much"
"I panicked, haven't you ever panicked before? Haven't you ever made a mistake before because you panicked?" I sobbed and Mrs
. Haruna hugged me.
"I'm worried about you Adesuwa. Your mother was my friend okay? and I promised her that I would try my best to take care of you and I swear, all I'm trying to do is to make sure you have a comfortable life" she paused touching my cheek.
"Even while cleaning and scrubbing hotel toilet" she added and I chuckled.
"I'll try to talk to some of my friends maybe they'll have something like a good job for you. Can I have your resume now?" She asked and I nodded.
Days later, I decided to try out a secondary school, fifty naira away from the house. I was dressed in a white short sleeve top and a jean trousers.
"What's your name?" The school proprietress asked, she had a thick Yoruba accent.
"Ma, my name is on the file in your hands" I answered and the lady batted her eyes at me.
"So in order words, I shouldn't ask stupid question" she assumed and i shook her head.
I almost rolled my eyes; I knew her kind. She reminded me of Mummy B.
"What did you study in school?" She asked, "Business Administration and management Ma and Incase you want to ask me what institution, it's Auchi polytechnic"
"You didn't even go to a good polytechnic" the woman snapped at me and I wondered what brought my institution of study to the topic on ground.
"I don't understand"
"Be truthful to yourself Miss. Ighodaro, Auchi polytechnic was a second choice in case uniben didn't work out" she guessed and i scoffed and hissed within.
As much as i hated to admit it, the lady was right.
"You probably wanted to study political science, but your cut off mark were poor"
It wasn't political science perse, i intended studying law but i didn't make it up to the cut off mark.
"Do I get the job or not Ma?"
"I don't like staffs with attitude oh, you even had the guts to wear trousers to a Christian School like this. Do you want for go to hell fire?" She asked and I tried not to roll my eyes.
"I hope you know that we don't accept trousers here" she brought down her glasses to the brim of her nose.
"I do"
"And I hope you have skirts and lots of it"
"Do I get the job Ma?" I asked, "You do know that that academic session started September and this is the end of October already"  the lady noted and i nodded.
"Because we're in need of teachers, you can manage the JSS 2 and 3 class with Business studies and SS1 with biology"
"Biology?" I asked in shock.
"Ma I studied Business administration not business science"
"No oh, it's business biology" the proprietress chipped in, "Do i look stupid like someone that doesn't know what business administration entails?"
"I was never a science student and I suck at biology" I argued but my argument fell on deaf ears.
"Welcome to Nigeria Miss Ighodaro. You should be happy i didn't say chemistry. You'll be paid fifteen thousand. You can make extra through personal coaching so you won't complain that the money we're paying you is too small. Times are hard" the lady complained and I gave it a thought.
"Okay Ma. I'll take the job"
Henry's POV
A week later, Mummy B knocked and walked into my office. I prefer calling her Miss Salami. She wore a sad countenance.
"I hope all is good?" I asked and she shook her head. "Sir, my authority as the Head of cleaning department has several times being infringed upon. I can no longer take it any longer"
"What's the problem?"
"I fired two maids for their incompetence but they've refused leaving"
"What did they do?"
"They insulted me, insulted my past, present and my future. As a good woman that respects authority, I just decided to come here so you can fire them properly"
"Tell them I want to see them" he ordered and she walked away with what seemed like a smirk on her face.
Lilian and Michelle walked in afterwards.
"Good day Sir" they both greeted and I bowed my head in response.
"What's your deal with your head of department?"
"Sir," Lilian paused, "That woman there..." She paused, "She's a bloody witch who has been doing nothing but to oppress us since Adesuwa left"
"What did you do any to warrant it?"
"Adesuwa is not the kind to take nonsense from her or let her win an argument and we've always been on her side. She's been making our lives miserable since Adesuwa left, just because we can't abuse her back."
"What happened today?"
"Today, we spoke back and we called her a Hippo. Well I called her a Hippo" Michelle answered.
"Then she fired us, I can't leave this job oh. Most of us needs this job to survive," Lilian paused, "Adesuwa needed this job to survive." She added.
I wonder why she added that.
That was the third plea I've  gotten that week concerning bringing Adesuwa back to the hotel.
"The labor market isn't favorable for anybody these days" she continued, then i demanded that they leave.
"I'll talk to Miss. Salami" I added and they both left. Miss Salami walked into the office almost immediately. 
"Sir you didn't fire them ni?" She asked and i shrugged.
"They regret it and they'll never do it again"
"But sir" She complained, "When you see Mrs. Haruna, let her know I want to see her" he demanded and Mummy B nodded.
"Yes Sir"
Shortly after, Mrs. Haruna walked in. "Sorry I couldn't come on time, I had some demands that I had to take care of"
"I could have called, I wanted you to come at your convenience" I answered going through some paperwork.
"It's okay, have your seat" i replied now looking at my laptop.
"I hope no problem Sir"
"Adesuwa Ighodaro, what do you know about her? Every discussion I've had with a few employee points at you. Why?"
"I've been working for May hotel for over seven years. Two years ago I made a decision, more like a resolution to get jobless persons off the street and give them jobs. We have one thing in common; Rashidi Bello street. The street I once lived in. January 2016, I gave Adesuwa a spot here"
"How has the experience been?" I asked and she looked down.
"Well quite honestly, I mean without sugar coating, It's been from one complain to another" she answered.
"What complain?"
"Adesuwa doesn't like bullies, she'll get in her worst behavior when you bully her. She gets into trouble easily"
"Oh... I guess that's good riddance for the hotel right?" I asked and she shook her head.
"Adesuwa is a lot more than you can think of, she's a bundle of surprise, I get my best ideas from her. I'm definitely going to miss her presence here"
"Currently I've had four to five persons coming in to beg on her behalf. Is she worth bringing back to work at the hotel.
. What do you think Mrs. Haruna, I wanted your opinion"
Adesuwa's POV
My first time teaching biology was horrible. I had prepared my lesson note. I was going to take on living organism.
I went to the board and I spelt orgasm instead of organism. Ever since then, students secretly calls me "Miss orgasm" especially by my arch enemy, Bamise; the most stubborn student in SS1.
It wasn't a secret, I've heard them whisper it several times.
I walked by the school backyard and i saw two familiar boys pushing a helpless boy down. One was Tobi the proprietress' son, the other was Bamise, my arch enemy.
"Where is the money?" I heard Bamise asked,  "I don't have it" the boy cried and I notice Bamise hold his neck.
"Would you stop that?" I yelled and the both of them pulled back in fear.
"What do you guys think you're doing?"
"Nothing" Tobi answered.
I ordered the little boy to go back into the class while I was left alone with the two bullies.
"I'll report you both to the proprietress"
"Feel free Miss orgasm" Bamise answered and i glared at him. "Bamise, in my office now!" I yelled.
Bamise grudgingly walked into the  staff room with a frown.
"Are you not ashame of yourself? All the teachers talk about you, every complain must point at you" I pointed out a book at him and it fell on the floor.
He reminded me of myself; except I wasn't a bully.
Just as i bent down to pick the book, Bamise grabbed on my ass. I slapped him hard on the face. Then I gave him a beating of his life until teachers showed up.
While the proprietress chastised me for beating a student up.  A woman walked in with two policemen.
"Mummy Tobi, where is that idiot that beat up my son?" She shouted and I scoffed.
"I'm not an idiot and if you weren't so careless and stupid, you would ask what happened" I snapped back at her.
"Of course I already know what happened. You assaulted my son but what happened that could have warranted that?"
"Your son touched my buttocks"
"So? What's there?" She asked, "Officers abeg arrest her" she yelled and the policemen walked towards my direction.
"Madam you're under arrest for assaulting a child. You have the right to remain silent or whatever that you say would be used against you in the court of law"
Do you guys think Adesuwa's reaction was right or she went overboard?
Did Bamise's action deserve the reaction from her?
Keep the comments coming.

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