Injustice In Our Land -Episode 002

 Theme; #No_to_rape

Aminat layed on the floor unconscious and tired the guy who abducted her raped Aminat to the point that she bleeded so much. But the guy who raped her was not clearly seen but he thought to himself that how could she be a virgin even the head girl of the school who  looks all innocent and simple and pretend to be devoted is one of his slayers. He had got intimate with her loads of time. After he was done with Aminat he turned his back at her as he zip up his trouser Aminat slowly regain consciousness but she was still tired and could not move all she saw was a big black birth mark on his back. He took his shirt and left Aminat could not even even see his face. Meanwhile lolu and Aminat mother was at the school authority office wailling and screaming and in tears as she is waiting for her child. Then the school hostel matron came in with Aminat who just fainted. she was rushed to the hospital immediately. 

back to the police interrogation office. 

police officer; why do you remember the past 

Aminat; because this is about me well u know about this incident but you know what? After that incident we had to leave ogun state as we moved to Lagos I had to work to take care of the family with my ssce certificate though it was stressful but I don't have to complain. my little sister saw me as her hero. but everything crashed when my mom died. now a single mother had to leave us as orphans. But then I met Amir who decided to marry me even though my chances of getting pregnant was 50 50. 

Police officer; was that because of your rape incident?

Aminat; yes. 

flashback shows Amount at home with Amirat her younger sister. 

Aminat; I want to get to the market Amir is coming over so he might be around before I arrive so make sure he waits for me. 

Amirat; I sure would. 

Author pov*

Amirat a girl in her early eighteenth years beautiful just like her sister as well as her bo***m so big that would make a man have a second gaze at her but normally she wears her long hijab if she is going out but today since she was at home and going nowhere she decided to wear a short and a top. As she sit on the couch to read a novel. 

Tbc **

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Alex sham writes 

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