Part 16 - My Father's Farmland

Ola decided to step out for some fresh air. Her new Landlady was a distributor of eggs. As she got outside, she realized the Landlady was short of staff as she had quite a number of buyers queuing up to buy eggs from her.
Some were impatient and had started leaving the queue, while some were showing signs of exiting the queue any moment. Ola took her time to quickly study the landlady’s way of attending to the buyers...
Ola noticed she would ask...
“ What is your order?” and the buyer will say his/her order and her sales girl will bring the order, then the landlady will act as the cashier at the same time. Ola noticed the Landlady was tired as she kept shifting her weight from one leg to the other. She was on the big side.
Ola saw some empty cartons at a corner, she picked two of it and returned to her room and wrote very boldly “ GOOD DAY, WHAT IS YOUR ORDER?”.. As she was about stepping out, the Spirit of God ministered to her that some of them may not be able to read English, so Ola wrote in Pidgin, in Yoruba, in Igbo and in Hausa. She had used a translating App online to translate into those languages....
Ola stepped out and walked towards the Landlady, she had written a small note as well.
“Ma’am you look tired, Let me help you stand to take orders, while you sit to collect your money. I have made placards to ask them what they want”
Ola showed her the placards, and the Landlady was happy. She gave Ola an appreciative smile. She hugged her and limped towards a chair.
The landlady spoke loudly...
“ Please customers, my legs are no more as strong as they use to be, please my daughter will be taking your orders. Though she can not speak, she can hear you perfectly. Her name is Kikiolaoluwa.
Ola did a great job as she had a great smile plastered on her face. In no time, there was no more queuing up as the selling became fast.
Sukki had been walking around aimlessly that day after he left Pastor Ayo and his wife. He was contemplating going back home, but he did not want to lose the new life he had in Christ. As he stood at a T-junction not knowing which way to go, he saw a group of young Christians walking from the left direction towards him. They were carrying different banners, which read...
A young lady walked up to Sukki trying to evangelize...
“ I am saved already” Sukki quickly said as he didn’t like the Lady’s dressing. He was still trying to put his sexual issues under subjection, he didn’t want this lady tempting him...
“ Great!, then you should join us to evangelize, we all are meant to go into the world and evangelize” Grace pulls Sukki along before he had the opportunity to refuse.
Sukki liked the opportunity to evangelize, and since he had nothing doing and no where to go, he followed the troop. He looked at the members of this church, they were quite different from Pastor Ayo’s church. They were not modestly dressed, they dressed like the average unbelievers.
“Where exactly are you headed?” Grace asked
“ Nowhere in particular...Just left my former church... “
“ Why?”
“ Personal issues...”
“I was been judged by my past”
“ Welcome home!”Grace
“ Home?”
“Yes... Our Church is the place of Acceptance, Grace...” Grace said.
Sukki felt relieved but he saw something that made him raise his eyebrow. As they were evangelizing, Sukki saw one of the evangelist, stopping by a cigar shop. He bought a cigarette which he lit immediately.
“ Is a believer meant to smoke and drink?” Sukki silently questioned in his heart, but Grace answered like she was reading his mind...
“ I know what you are thinking about, but don’t sweat it, because that’s why our church is different, Grace covers it all...”
Sukki didn’t understand this but it felt good.....
Mrs Banke refused showing the note to her husband, but kept praying through out the day. She asked God to restore this soul to her...
What made it worse was when she heard in her heart...
“ So if God gives you children, and one offends the other, is this how you will chase one away to make the other happy...?
Mrs Banke cried her eyes out through out the drive home, her husband had not checked for Sukki after service. He didn’t know he had disappeared, he thought his wife was still sulking and that was why she was crying, so he didn’t bother asking why she was crying...
If only he knew, Sukki was gone...
To be continued
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Photo credit: Internet

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