Part 22 - My Father's Farmland


 “She is a good woman, even in her pain, she still bears fruits...” FATHER said and the trio looked at each other surprisingly…
Miss Johnson appeared before them as she painfully tended her plants. Out of tiredness, she took frequent rests, but in no time, she picked herself up again and again removing weeds around the plants...
“Oh, you think she is dead, no… my daughter Jumoke is very much alive, I didn’t take her pain away because I wanted to use her as a great example to people on earth. Serving me and working tirelessly on her farm, even with her pains. Her rewards is with me and very great.. The world saw her as a barren woman, but to me she had a lot of fruits. You three were parts of the seeds I planted in her farm. She nurtured you till the time I took you away from her. My plan was to plant you with Ayowale and Banke, but Ola blocked the way for you three....She couldn’t stand Sunkanmi.” FATHER said but then faced Ola and spoke to her directly as they walked
“Kikiolaoluwa, As farmers, it is not out of the ordinary to get hurt, or to sustain injuries, when working on your farmland, some thieves may invade your farm and steal something precious, but that shouldn’t stop you from farming...Your being raped was part of the injury you sustained in working on your farm..” Father said but as he spoke, a scene played out before them....
Ola was tilling her ground, she planted a little crop on her ground, suddenly Sukki, Torture and Axe ran into the farmland and grabbed the crop, in the process, Sukki hit her with a big stick and poured some of the sand on her face...
FATHER continued...
“When you did your three days fasting and prayer, you told me to establish my purpose in your life, and part of your prayer was for Me to glorify myself through you… Ola, sometimes me glorifying myself through men maybe painful and uncomfortable for men, but in the long run my name is glorified in their lives. Olugbala(savior) my first Son; when he was also on earth prayed that I glorify myself through him. What did he get after that prayer? He was crucified, but note that it was in this crucification that I was glorified through him.... Now, He sits at my right hand.” Father had said
“You overcoming the rape and coming out strongly was to help other young farmers who may have sustained such injuries to know they can also survive and still make great things out of your farmland …, but instead you went on a revenge course…”
Ola was already shedding tears as she knew she had definitely done something wrong… From what father was saying, did it mean that she was meant to have made a ministry out of her past misery.
“We are here!” Father said as they reached a farm.
Oba, Ola, and Ope jumped back in fear. They were in front of a barren land, with no crops on it, but what was fearful was the fact that the land was filled with blood, the land was smelling terribly, there was a lot of poop scattered all around the ground, dead babies on the land, terrible looking creatures…
Ope tried to run away, but she couldn’t move her feet…
“Running away from what you see?, Idiopemipo You can’t, it’s your farm”
“No.. this cannot be my farm, this is blood on the farm, No crops but blood. I have never killed anyone in my life!’
Ope said in fear...
“You think?... Well, let me explain it better… this blood comes from different sources, but you being the brain behind the crimes, you have to be the one to account for them…”
“ Brain behind the crimes? What crimes?”
To be continued....
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Photo credit: Shutterstock

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