Part 26 - My Father's Farmland



“Now as a senator, you want to make use of your power of making laws to destroy my son’s farm and my general farmland.” FATHER said in outrage as
Oba wept bitterly

A scenario played out before them and Oba and Ola saw few minutes before their accident. Oba was thinking about Sukki as he was driving and trying to call one of his friends...

“ It’s high time we made a law that will give us the power to set up a “Church leadership vetting committee”. I can bring it up in the House. So that the government will be the one to determine who becomes a pastor or spiritual head of the church in this country. The Pastor’s personal life will be screened, his past and present to know if he can start up a church in Nigeria.” Oba had thought in his heart as they drove towards Sunmibare’s school...

“ Oba, you wanted to instigate the government to make a law that will affect the body of Christ negatively?” FATHER questioned and Oba had no answer whatsoever. His heart cried for Mercy...

“I made you great through people who helped you from their farmland, Jumoke Johnson helped you, KikiOlaluwa helped you, Micheal and the student body helped you but heartbreakingly the best you could do in return was to be stealing the farm produce of people you ought to have helped. You were a thief and a rapist...You dare condemn Sunkanmi for raping your sister, what about you? YOU RAPED THE PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHTS, their rights to be educated, their right to basic public funds, their rights to life... you made people lose their lives on the bad road you patched instead of repairing….

Another scene in Oba’s Life was playing out in front of the two…

“A&A contractors, you see the government doesn’t have the money to repair those roads, just pour some granite here and there…” Oba said to a contractor who was seated in front of him

“But your Excellency, it will be more economical to fix the roads, as we have been patching these roads every two months…”

“That’s my final word on that, the government doesn’t have money”

“Sir, please I want you to consider the rate of accidents and deaths we have been recording on that road, we need to fix the roads…”

“A&A contractors, people will always die, people will always have accidents, with or without bad roads, but if you are not interested in patching the room, I can call another contractor”…

“No please sir, I am interested”.

The scenario playing in front of them faded out and FATHER continued…

“Instead of using the advantaged farmland I gave you as a politician and leader to sow good crops and give the people a good life, you took their money and wasted their blood.”

Ola and Oba stayed quiet, as the sound of guilt rang loudly in their ears.

“So Oba, what do you think your judgement show be because by stealing public funds you are not any better than the prostitute, armed robber, or the murderer?”

Oba bent his head in tears as he knew FATHER’S judgement had to be that he should depart from His sight and His position be given to someone who was more worthy.

He saw his case for what it was, God had given him a farm, where he could have fed a lot of people, where he could have saved a lot of lives, provided shelter for people, but instead, he stole from people to enrich himself….

However, from a distance, Oba and Ola saw the big tree shaking and bowing on its own accord...Father looked towards the tree and said...

“The souls of those that got saved through the movie you donated towards are pleading on your behalf, but…..”

To be continued….

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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