Part 36 - My Father's Farmland



“We are gathered here together to pay our last respects to our beloved Sister, mother, friend, daughter, celebrity who is presently resting in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” the pastor said during Idiopemipo’s funeral service.
Ola could not stop her tears, she knew her sister was not resting in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus Christ as popularly proclaimed. She had been banished from His presence for using her God-given gifts against her creator.
Oba and Ola had discussed what they had seen and they were surprised that they had both seen the same thing.
They both rededicated their lives to Christ and vowed to judiciously use the opportunity of the additional years they had gotten from God for His glory.
Oba and Ola exchanged looks as the pastor said Ope was resting in the bosom of the Lord Jesus, Ola decided to use the opportunity to speak the truth…She wrote a note to the pastor that she would love to say a few words.
After about 5 minutes of the pastor preaching, Ola stepped to the podium and said…
“ I know if my Sister Idiopemipo were to be here today, or better still, if she could have sent us a message from where she is, I believe these are the words she would have loved to say…
Number one, Live your life like you don’t own it, Always remember God created you, hence He is the one who owns the copyright to your life
Two, Live your life pleasing God in deeds and with your talents because He was the one who gave you the gift in the first place...
Three, Let not the love of money, fame and power push you away from God, because when your time is up on the earth, you will leave all that behind, and that God you have pushed far away from you is the same God you will have to face without a choice…
I am sure if Ope could send us a message from where she is, she would love to tell all parents to remember to water their children every day, before watering their career, and businesses, because at the end of the day, your children are the plants that will grow into big trees where you as parents will hide in your old age from the sun and rain of life…
I am sure Ope would have loved to tell Sheryl her daughter, that nothing pays that serving God with your skills and talents.
Kikiolaoluwa said this looking towards Ope’s celebrity friends who came to grace the occasion. She continued…
I am sure Ope would have loved to tell Robin, her first son, that life is too short not to make the right choices.
I am sure Ope would have loved to tell my daughter, Sunmibare that our background should never make us turn our backs to our creator…” Kikiolaluwa said
“As Idiopemipo’s twin, I know a thousand things my sister would have loved to say to everyone seated here, but I will summarize in one sentence…
She would want to tell you this...
“ In all that you do, in all that you have, and in all position that you find yourself, do everything to Love the Lord your God, obey His commandments, and live every day of your life in Christ, bearing in mind that after death is judgement.”
Everywhere was quiet, a lot of people had graced the occasion, including celebrities, politicians and Ola felt that was a great time to win souls.
The funeral had people thinking, Ola didn’t tell anyone if Ope made heaven or not, but she had made them look inward, and forced them to do self-appraisal.
It was a solemn day for all....
To be continued
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