Part 38 - My Father's Farmland



“She is the C.E.O of TRUTH INC. and over 24 other businesses.
She is the Initiator of the “Girl Rise & Walk Program”, a program that caters for sexually abused girls.
She is the Initiator of the “Dumb but not Dumb foundation” A foundation that caters for vocally impaired citizens.
She is a philanthropist who has over 20 orphanages scattered across the country…
She has a housing scheme for pregnant teenagers who need shelter for the period of pregnancy…
Please, with a clapping ovation, we would like to invite Mrs KIkiolaoluwa Micheal Oluwadunsi to please step on to the podium to receive the honorary award of the “THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR.” The master of the ceremony said
As Kikiolaoluwa walked towards the podium with her husband walking side by side, she felt the kind of Joy she had recently started feeling.
“God told me some time back under very harsh conditions, that my being blessed was a privilege given to me, so that I could be a blessing to many nations. Before that, I made money for myself, buying houses, having fleets of cars, travelling all around the world.
I was happy but I never made heaven happy. After realizing my wrong, I made attempts to change my ways. Prior to that, My aim was to be the richest woman in Africa, and I thought I could achieve that by hoarding all I had, little did I know that God’s word in Proverbs 11: 24 was true. It is written that “Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.”
The moment I started giving, the less I struggled to be rich. The moment I realized my wealth was to make God known, the more I became richer, the more I invested in seed sowing, in helping the poor, the orphans, the more I became richer, and today without struggling, but by putting smiles on people’s faces I have gotten two awards in just one year. “THE RICHEST WOMAN IN AFRICA & THE WOMAN OF THE YEAR.”
I have learnt that the world we live in is God’s Big Farmland, and we all have our individual spaces, which I will like you to see as individual farm spaces. I have learnt to plant good crops on my farmland.
I thank God for teaching me this big lesson and every other lesson I got to learn, I am grateful for the privilege to be a blessing to a lot of people.
I thank my wonderful husband, who stood by me, from way back when I was nothing. His love shows me what life should be about, “LOVE, ACCEPTANCE & HELP” even when the person has nothing to offer back.
My husband met me, when I had been raped, I was pregnant and poor, and yet he choose to love me and marry me. That is true love that we all should possess for one another.
I thank the organizers of the Award, thank you, this is very thoughtful. I return all Glory to God, for the privilege.
I am grateful, that I am privileged to show forth God’s wealth ( Kikiolaoluwa)” Ola said this in her acceptance speech...
To be continued
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